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Atheists Blocked From Erecting 'Reason Display' Next to 'Prayer Station' By Mich. Mayor
LINK Mayor Jim Fouts of Warren, Mich., recently denied an atheist's request to set up a "Reason Station" next to the "Prayer Station" in City Hall, saying the display would be disruptive.

Ken Ham Responds to Bill Nye: I'm Not the Leader of Some Cultic Fringe Group
LINK Creation Museum CEO and President Ken Ham says Bill Nye has been painting an inaccurate picture of Ham and those who believe in the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account. Ham insisted that he is not the leader of a cultic fringe group, as Nye seems to suggest.

Man Loses Job, Gets Slapped With $525 Federal Charge for Mistakenly Taking $0.89 Soda Refill and Not Paying
LINK A construction worker from North Charleston, S.C., is jobless and saddled with a $525 federal citation for mistakenly taking a $0.89 soda refill he thought was free at the VA Medical Center in downtown Charleston.

Clemson University Rejects Atheists' Allegations Against Football Program
LINK Clemson University officials are countering an atheist group's accusations that it's imposing Christian beliefs on student athletes who participate in the football program. The university says the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is "mistaken" in its claim that football coach Dabo Swinney is pushing his beliefs on members of the Tigers team.

Department of Justice Vows to Protect Mt. Soledad Cross and War Memorial in California
LINK Lawyers for the Department of Justice recently announced that they are willing to legally defend the long-debated, giant cross atop a war memorial in Southern California, saying they find the cross to be an "appropriate" structure and not a violation of the separation of church and state.

'I Have Earned My Place in Heaven, It's Not Even Close,' Says Billionaire and Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
LINK If he were to die anytime soon and discover that God exists, billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is confident that he will go to heaven.

Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Jesus Christ's Resurrection Is Good News for People of All Faiths
LINK Pastor Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, says the resurrection of Jesus Christ is good news for people of all faiths who seek His forgiveness and make the decision to believe in Him.

Atheist Group Sets Up 'Jesus Is a Myth' Banner in Response to Christian Easter Display at Wis. Capitol
LINK An atheist group is combatting a Christian Easter display at Wisconsin's Capitol building in Madison by setting up a sign that reads "Nobody died for our 'sins,' Jesus Christ is a myth."

Woman Sullies Pastor Charles Jenkins, Writer of Popular Worship Song 'Awesome' With Release of Nude Photo in Alleged Extortion Plot
LINK Charles Jenkins, pastor of the historic Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Ill., and writer of the popular worship song "Awesome," which has become an anthem in churches across the United States, is now at the center of an embarrassing scandal after a woman released a nude photo of him online in an alleged extortion plot gone bad.

LDS Church Lawyers Unhappy With 'Mormon Match' Online Dating Site
LINK A Mormon online dating service set to launch later this year has received notice from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attorneys asserting that the Church exclusively owns "Mormon" and images of the Salt Lake City temple.

Head of the Home School Legal Defense Association Blasts Doug Phillips' Biblical Patriarchy Practices
LINK Michael Farris, the chairman and cofounder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, has criticized the biblical patriarchy beliefs of his former HSLDA colleague and Vision Forum founder, Doug Phillips, and said he regrets not speaking out against him sooner.

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Funerals of Kansas Jewish Center Shooting Victims
LINK Members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church announced Wednesday their intention to picket the funerals of a grandfather and grandson who were shot dead at a Jewish community center in Overland Park Sunday.

Okla. School District Approves Hobby Lobby President's Bible Course
LINK An Oklahoma school district has approved a course about the Bible proposed by the president of Hobby Lobby Inc.

What Pastor Robert McKeehan Did the Day He Hanged Himself in 5 Tweets and His Last Sermon; 'All Things Work Together for Good'
LINK The day pastor Robert McKeehan of Community Bible Church in High Point, N.C., hanged himself in what local police have called an apparent suicide, he gave no clue, at least on social media, that he was a man getting ready to die.

Va. College Changes 'Free Speech Zone' Rules After Evangelical Student Files Lawsuit
LINK Thomas Nelson Community College along with its umbrella organization, the Virginia Community College System, has agreed to suspend its policy on "free speech zones" in response to a lawsuit brought by a student who wants to preach on campus.

AC Transit's CFO Charged With Embezzling $500+K From Calif. Megachurch; Splurged on Golf, Private School, Car and Mortgage
LINK The CFO for Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, Lewis G. Clinton Jr., was arrested and charged with embezzling more than $500,000 from his own church, the powerful and prestigious Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, Calif.

Bible Study After School Ban Overturned as NY Superintendent Reverses Decision
LINK The American Center for Law and Justice has successfully aided students from a New York-area high school in expressing their religious freedom through an after-school Bible study.

Vision Forum Founder Doug Phillips Accused By Woman of Treating Her Like 'Personal Sex Object' in Lawsuit
LINK The woman with whom Vision Forum founder Doug Phillips had an alleged affair has filed a lawsuit against her "spiritual father," and accuses him of sexual battery, fraud and sexual exploitation, and claims that he used her as his "personal sex object."

Interview: Curmudgeon Charles Murray Has Advice for Ambitious Young Adults
LINK If you are a recent college graduate, or you are looking for a graduation gift, Charles Murray's new book may be for you. "The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead: Dos and Don'ts of Right Behavior, Tough Thinking, Clear Writing, and Living a Good Life," compiles many pieces of advice for young adults entering the workforce.

Mother of Teen Killed in Kansas Jewish Center Shooting: I Know That God Did Not Do This
LINK The mother of the teen killed in the tragic Kansas Jewish community center shooting over the weekend said her Christian faith and prayer have helped guide her through this time of suffering. She also stressed her belief that God did not cause the tragedy.

News from Christian News Wire

Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

'God is Here, but I am Getting so Tired;' Syrian Christian Mother Mourns Killing of Children from Bombings
LINK Contact: Jerry Dykstra, Open Doors USA, 616-915-4117, jerryd@odusa.org SANTA ANA, Calif., April 17, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Hanna is a Christian woman living in Damascus, Syria with her husband. She and her husband have two young daughters. Hanna works in a school. Over the last year Hanna has been pouring out her heart about what daily life is like in war-torn Damascus. The Syrian civil war is going into its fourth year and has claimed at least 120,000 lives. Below is Hanna's la Source: Open Doors USA

ACRU: Leave Clergy Housing Allowance Alone
LINK Freedom from Religion Foundation is "trying to use the federal courts to destroy religious freedom and independence from government control," said American Civil Rights Union Chairman Susan A. Carleson.

Four Lawyers Release Declaration After Release from Heilongjiang Illegal Detention Center
LINK Contact: Bob Fu, President, ChinaAid, 888- 889-7757, 267-205-5210 cell, Bob@ChinaAid.org; www.ChinaAid.org,  www.MonitorChina.org

Police Block Large Service at Nanle County Christian Church in Henan; Pastor's Lawyers Boycott Pre-trial Meeting
LINK Contact: Bob Fu, President, China Aid, 267-205-5210 cell, 432-689-6985, info@ChinaAid.org

Western Media Ignores Slaughter of Coptic Woman by Muslim Brotherhood, says Coptic Solidarity
LINK Contact: Sandy, 202-695-0506; Hal, 240-644-5153; both with Coptic Solidarity, info@copticsolidarity.org CROFTON, Md., April 1, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Coptic Solidarity strongly condemns the latest attack on Egypt's Copts by the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies -- and calls on the U.S. government to do likewise.On Friday, March 28, in Ain Shams, a suburb of Cairo, demonstrating Brotherhood supporters, many of them armed, exchanged fire with Security forces and set parked cars Source: Coptic Solidarity

Robert Stearns to Address Prestigious FIDF Gala
LINK Contact: Stephen Jenks, Eagles' Wings, 716-759-1058

Bob Fu on Four Rights Defenders Detained in Heilongjiang
LINK Contact: Bob Fu, President, China Aid, 267-205-5210 cell, 432-689-6985, info@ChinaAid.org MIDLAND, Texas, March 27, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- "To arbitrarily kidnap and detain those courageous human rights lawyers is a direct violation of China's own laws and the international mandate for the protection of lawyers' rights while defending their clients," Pastor Bob Fu, China Aid founder and president said in reference to the four human rights defenders who were forci Source: China Aid Association, Inc.

Dr. Alveda King: Religious Freedom is a Civil and Human Right
LINK "There is a difference between killing the poor and serving the poor." Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case: Kudos to Church Officials Defending Liberty
LINK Contact: Jeff Walton, Institute on Religion and Democracy, 202-682-4131, 202-413-5639, jwalton@TheIRD.org

Thomas More Society Hopeful that U.S. Supreme Court Will Uphold Religious Liberty
LINK The Justices ought to protect religious freedom for all Americans, including business owners

Is UC Santa Barbara Condoning Violence by Radical Professors and Students?
LINK University's Silence and a Leaked University Memo Say "Yes!"

'Untold News' Highlights Israeli Innovation
LINK Contact: Jim Fletcher, 405-872-6890, jim1fletcher@yahoo.com

Faith and Pro-Life Leaders to Hold Prayer Vigil and Rally at the Supreme Court in Support of Religious Freedom
LINK The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on the HHS Mandate in Obamacare which forces employers to purchase abortion inducing drugs in their health care coverage.

Terrorists Kill Six Christians in Church Attack in Kenya
LINK Contact: Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director, Open Doors USA, 616-915-4117, JerryD@odusa.org  

Prevent U.S. From Giving Stolen Jewish Property Back to Iraq
LINK Contact: Vickie Isaac, Director of Communications, Jewish Voice Ministries International , 602-971-8501, visaac@jewishvoice.org

World's Leading Internet Evangelist Calls HBO's Maher a Gutless Blasphemous Coward and Challenges to Debate
LINK Contact: Rev. William Keller, 727-420-7005

Historic World Family Declaration is Online and Available for Electronic Signature
LINK Contact: Don Feder, Director, WCF Communications, 508-405-1337, dfeder@rcn.com; Larry Jacobs, 815-964-5819, media@worldcongress.org, media@profam.org

Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition Offers Legal Aid to Bible Verse Cadets, Calls Out Air Force Academy for Violating Constitutional Rights
LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Darin Miller, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council WASHINGTON, March 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition comprised of 24 groups led by the Family Research Council and including legal groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel, The Liberty Institute, and Thomas More Law Center, has announced that they stand ready to offer assistance to any Air Force Academy cadet who faces repercussions for w Source: Family Research Council

New Open Doors USA Program Connects Students to Persecuted Christians
LINK Contact: Jerry Dykstra, Open Doors USA, 616-915-4117, jerryd@odusa.org SANTA ANA, Calif., March 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The new Open Doors USA college and youth program called "Open Doors Fortify" is off to a fast start."We are excited about what God has done through this new outreach to students," says Open Doors USA College & Youth Director Kate Yates. "There is such enthusiasm among the students I have met in the last few months. They Source: Open Doors USA

IRD Grieves the Loss of Keith Roderick, Defender of the Persecuted Church
LINK Contact: Jeff Walton, Institute on Religion and Democracy, 202-682-4131, jwalton@TheIRD.org

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