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Cigarette Maker RJ Reynolds Ordered to Pay Wife of 36-Y-O Cancer Victim $23.6 Billion; Company Vows to Fight Verdict
LINK The widow of a 36-year-old chain smoker who died of lung cancer 18 years ago was awarded record punitive damages of more than $23 billion by a Florida jury in a lawsuit against cigarette-making giant the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company last Friday, but the company has vowed to fight it.

The West's Silence on Persecuted Iraqi Christians Is Worthy of Contempt, Rails British Academic
LINK Following news that Iraq's dwindling Christians have been forced out of their centuries' old homeland over the weekend, a British academic and scholar of American history demanded to know why their plight had received such scant attention and called the status quo response "worthy of contempt."

Over 125 Philanthropist Billionaires Are Giving Half of Their Wealth Away
LINK "The Giving Pledge," made public by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett four years ago, has already attracted 127 billionaires who have pledged to give at least half of their wealth to philanthropic causes.

Four Trustees Resign From Bryan College Over Leadership, Statement of Faith Controversy
LINK Four members of the board of trustees at Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn. have stepped down from their positions, citing a disagreement with school leadership that could not be reconciled.

Marriage Is Not Priority for Millennials, Study Says
LINK While only about 18 percent of Gen X women were married by 40, the number of their Millennial counterparts waiting till age 40 to tie the knot could now almost double, according to a recent study.

Westboro Baptist Church Says Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash an Act of God; Quotes Jeremiah 6:15
LINK Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for picketing funerals and the slogan "God Hates Fags," says that the Malaysia Airlines plane crash on Thursday, which killed 298 people and all crew members aboard, was an act of God based on Jeremiah 6:15.

Russia Supplied Missile That Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Plane, US Official Says
LINK While a U.S. official said Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 was shot down by a missile supplied by Russia to separatists in eastern Ukraine, Russian media reported that President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the need for an objective investigation.

Poll: Americans Rate Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals Warmly; Muslims, Atheists More Coldly
LINK Americans feel warm toward Jews, Catholics and Evangelicals but they are colder toward Muslims and atheists, according to a new Pew Research Survey.

Atheist Group Encourages Opponents of Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling to 'Knit Bricks'
LINK An atheist group is encouraging those opposed to the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling to crochet or knit rectangular pieces of fabric, meant to represent bricks, and send them into the organization's national office in Washington, D.C.

Christians Responsible for Most 'Hateful Internet Speech,' Says Washington Post Religion Reporter
LINK An editor for The Washington Post's religion section claimed that Christians were behind the majority of nasty and vile feedback she had received throughout her career in an op-ed Thursday.

Hobby Lobby President's High School Bible Course Faces Delays; Secular Group Claims Class Is 'Christian Evangelism'
LINK A Bible class elective scheduled to be introduced into an Oklahoma school district's high school this fall might be delayed due to concerns over the content of its curriculum.

'I Can't Breathe, I Can't Breathe:' 400LB Asthmatic Father of 6 Dies After NYPD Officer Places Him in Chokehold
LINK A 400 pound asthmatic father of six died Thursday after an NYPD officer locked him in a chokehold and other officers appeared to slam his head against a sidewalk in Staten Island, New York, according to witnesses, after he tried to break up a fight.

Facebook Users Are More Likely to Divorce, Study Finds
LINK Social media websites in general and Facebook in particular may be linked to an increased likelihood of divorce, claims a recently released study.

Gosnell's Final 2 'House of Horrors' Abortion Clinic Employees Are Sentenced as Making of 'Gosnell Movie' Is Underway
LINK The final two "house of horrors" abortion clinic employees who testified against Kermit Gosnell in the deaths of one patient and three babies killed at his West Philadelphia facility have been sentenced.

Arizona Police Searching for Suspect Responsible for 6 Bible Fires
LINK Police in Mesa, Arizona say they are currently searching for a man suspected of being responsible for six Bible arson fires in the area.

Ukrainian Official Says 23 Americans Were Aboard Malaysia Flight MH17; Obama Still Checking as Bodies Lay Scattered on Scene
LINK A Ukrainian official said 23 Americans were aboard Malaysia Flight MH17, reportedly shot down in the troubled Donetsk region of the Ukraine near the Russian border Thursday. President Barack Obama said, however, that the U.S. is still checking to see if any Americans were among the 295 people killed on the doomed flight.

Traditional Marriage Group Calls for Boycott of JP Morgan Chase Over LGBT Survey
LINK A group advocating for marriage being legally recognized as only being between one man and one woman has called for a boycott of JP Morgan Chase.

DC Bible Museum Funded by Hobby Lobby's Green Family Will Include Religious Artifacts Worth 'Millions of Dollars,' Says Historian
LINK Steve Green's new Bible museum, slated to open in Washington, D.C. in 2017, will reportedly contain religious artifacts that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the historian who helped Green, president of Hobby Lobby craft stores, find the artifacts, many of which are ancient manuscripts.

Burger King's Limited Edition Gay Pride Whopper May Go National, Promotes Homosexual Behavior as Healthy, Warns AFA
LINK A pro-traditional family advocacy group has launched an email campaign opposing a Burger King local promotion in San Francisco that featured a specially packaged, limited-edition gay pride Whopper with a rainbow wrapper in anticipation that the fast food chain may go national with the burger.

Atheist Invocation in Greece, NY Focuses on Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence
LINK Dan Courtney, the atheist selected to deliver the invocation at Tuesday's town board meeting in Greece, New York, focused his brief speech on the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence.

News from Christian News Wire

Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

Federal Discrimination Against Religion?
LINK "President Obama's new executive order compelling all federal contractors to affirm the latest LGBTQ orthodoxy escalates the ongoing culture war against traditional mores and religion." -- IRD President Mark Tooley

Jesus and Pope Called Pimps
LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org

Open Doors USA President Calls Forced Exodus of Mosul Christians 'Unprecedented'
LINK Contact: Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director, Open Doors USA, 616-915-4117, JerryD@odusa.org  

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Schedules Vote on Controversial UN Treaty
LINK Committee Vote on Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Scheduled for Tuesday, July 22

New Radio Program Aims to Restore Lives of Abused Women in Restricted Country
LINK Women Survived Attempted Abortions, Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking

Ganging Up on Archbishop Nienstedt
LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org

Planned Parenthood's Criminal Charges Against Missouri Pro-Life Advocate Dismissed
LINK Thomas More Society Defends Sidewalk Counselor Arrested for Offering Water in 100° Heat

Persecuted Daughter of Imprisoned Nanle County Pastor Flees to US for Freedom
LINK Contact: Bob Fu, President, China Aid Association, 432-689-6985, 267-205-5210 cell, info@ChinaAid.org

Liveprayer's Keller Challenges Terror Leader al-Baghdali to Modern Day 'Mt. Carmel' Showdown
LINK Contact: Rev. Bill Keller, Liveprayer.com, 727-420-7005

Pastors Say Stand Up for Our God-given Unalienable Rights on July 4th
LINK Contact: Pastor Steven Andrew, 877 537-8734

Good Ways to Deal with Bad People
LINK Contact: Chuck Chadwick, National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management (NOCSSM), 972-712-8818, cchadwick@nocssm.org

Catholic Benefits Association Granted Temporary Restraining Order Covering 150+ Catholic Employers in Second Lawsuit Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate
LINK Contact: Sean T. Caine, 443-857-4372

The Family in America Spring 2014 Issue Hits the Mail
LINK Contact: Nicole King, 815-964-5819, nicole@profam.org; The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society, 815-964-5819, media@worldcongress.org

California University Confronts Decline of Christianity in London
LINK Contact: Jenna Bartlo, Biola University, 562-777-4061

EchoLight Studios' Religious Freedom Docudrama Set to Release After Hobby Lobby Victory
LINK "One Generation Away" explores ongoing tension and suppression of religious issues in America

Family Institute of Connecticut to Hold Victory for Religious Freedom Rally Tonight in Hartford
LINK Contact: Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director, Family Institute of Connecticut, 860-548-0066

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Applauds Supreme Court's Decision on Contraceptive Mandate, Decries Government's War on Women's Health
LINK Contact: Karen Malec, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, 847-421-4000

Attorneys for Religious Owners of Private Closely-Held Companies in Chicago Applaud Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision
LINK Civil Rights Attorneys for Religious Owners of Private Closely-Held Companies in Chicago, Triune Health Group and Ozinga Bros., Who Object to Being Forced by the Federal Government's Obamacare Regulations to Provide Health Care Coverage for Abortifacients, Sterilization, or Contraception Applaud Today's U.S. Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision Striking Down these Regulations as Violative of Their Clients' Rights under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Foundation for Moral Law Rejoicing After Hobby Lobby Ruling
LINK Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245

United States Supreme Court Upholds Religious Liberty against HHS Abortion Pill Mandate
LINK Thomas More Society says victory sets clear precedent

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