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Dr. Kent Brantly Leaves Hospital, Praises God in Public Appearance
LINK Dr. Kent Brantly was released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia earlier today, after battling Ebola for several weeks. Before leaving, Brantly offered thanks and words of inspiration about his faith in God and his healing.

7-Year-Old Turns Mom in for Cooking Meth in Florida; Briana Buchanan Arrested
LINK A 7-year-old turned his mom in for cooking meth in the trunk of her car, according to reports. Briana Buchanan of Edgewater, Florida had cooked so much methamphetamine that her young son knew part of the process; the mother was arrested for her illegal activity.

Beware of 'Ice Bucket Challenge,' Says Catholic Leaders, Lila Rose; Here Is Why
LINK Some pro-life leaders are declining to participate in the viral "ice bucket challenge" to raise money for the ALS Association's efforts to find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Student 'Suspended' for Saying 'Bless You' in Class; Assistant Principal Claims It's Not 'Religious Issue'
LINK A student at Dyer County High School in Tennessee claims that she was suspended after saying, "bless you" to a student who sneezed.

Grouper Swallows Shark in One Bite in Viral Video (WATCH)
LINK A grouper swallowed a shark in one huge bite, leaving the fisherman recording the video shocked, according to reports. The humongous fish managed to eat a black tip shark on camera right as the Florida man was reeling it in.

Dr. Kent Brantly Leaves Hospital After Battling Ebola: 'Today Is a Miraculous Day'
LINK Dr. Kent Brantly has officially been discharged from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and was sure to thank God and those responsible for helping him recover from the deadly Ebola virus.

Ebola-Fighting Samaritan's Purse Doctor Kent Brantly Discharged From Hospital
LINK Samaritan's Purse Dr. Kent Brantly is set to be released from Emory University Hospital following his recovery from the deadly Ebola virus, which he contracted while fighting the spread of the disease in West Africa.

'Jimmy's in Heaven,' James Foley's Parents Say at Press Conference for Slain Reporter
LINK The parents of American journalist James Foley have said that they are "so proud" of their son and know that he is in Heaven, after he was brutally murdered by members of Jihadist group ISIS.

Obama: 'No Just God Would Stand for Foley Beheading'
LINK President Barack Obama has condemned the beheading of American journalist James Foley at the hands of terror group ISIS, describing its ideology as "bankrupt" and stating that "no just God" would stand for its violent acts. He also pledged that despite the militants' threats, the U.S. will not be backing down from military operations against them.

Ferguson Shooting: A Dozen Witnesses Back Claims That Brown Assaulted Officer Leading to Shooting
LINK Police sources told a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter that a dozen witnesses have confirmed the claim that the unarmed 18-year-old killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer on Aug. 9 was shot because he charged and physically attacked the officer.

Eric Holder Arrives in Ferguson, Urges Healing and Supports 'Legitimate Demonstrators'
LINK Eric Holder, the first African American U.S. attorney general, landed Wednesday in Ferguson, Missouri, where racial tension is boiling over, and pleaded for the end of violence on the small town's streets, which he says "seriously undermine[s] ... the cause of justice."

T.D. Jakes on Michael Brown: Racial Profiling Puts Black Men 'on the Endangered List'
LINK Texas Megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes blamed racial profiling for fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, saying America is far from being a post-racial society in a blog published on Huffington Post.com.

Darren Wilson 'Stressed' and In Hiding Amid Michael Brown Protests; Second-Degree Murder Charge 'Possible,' Expert Claims
LINK Darren Wilson recently told a friend that he is stressed as the St. Louis Prosecutor's office prepares to decide his fate.

Christian Former NFL Player Reveals ALS Diagnosis in 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Video
LINK A Christian former NFL linebacker announced that he was recently diagnosed with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, in a video challenging the entire Tennessee Titans organization to take part in the viral "Ice Bucket Challenge."

US Companies Can't Protect Citizens? Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5 Million Patients Info, Including Social Security Numbers
LINK One of America's largest hospital chains is the latest to fall victim to a group of sophisticated Chinese hackers who compromised 4.5 million patients' data including social security numbers in April and June. The cyber attack is the largest ever reported by a U.S. health care company and should serve as a warning to get more private companies to take their cyber protection more seriously.

Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing of 1-Year-Old Niece: 'Why Would You Do This?' Says Uncle
LINK A man was charged in the fatal stabbing of his 1-year-old niece Tuesday. Arthur Hapgood of Waterbury, Connecticut is accused of viciously lacerating the young girl while he was babysitting her Monday night, and now authorities have set his bail at $2.5 million.

Michael Brown Funeral Date Set; Fraternity Offers to Cover Cost: 'We Need to Protect Our Young Men'
LINK Michael Brown's funeral has been set for Monday, Aug. 25 in St. Louis, Missouri, his family's attorney announced; it will be a public funeral with national figures taking part in order to remind people why there are protests being held in Ferguson.

Michael Brown Case: Grand Jury Hearing Could Commence Wednesday as Family Demands Darren Wilson Arrest
LINK A grand jury could begin hearing evidence in the Michael Brown case as early as Wednesday, the St. Louis Prosecutor's office confirmed.

Amish Girls' Dad Is Sorry for Suspects: 'They Ruined Their Lives'
LINK The father of two Amish girls kidnapped and reportedly abused by a couple in New York last week says he feels sorry for the couple.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Says Prayer, Gratitude, Forgiveness Are Daily Rules She Lives By
LINK Supermodel Miranda Kerr says praying and taking time out of her day to be thankful are part of her self-imposed rules for adulthood.

News from Christian News Wire

Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

Is ISIS Prompting Reappraisal of Pacifism and Just War?
LINK "Christian thinking has to offer both hope and sobriety, each of which requires perseverance and patience." -- IRD President Mark Tooley

National Black Pro-Life Coalition Oppose Persecution of Christians in Muslim Nations
LINK Union City, California The atrocities perpetrated against Christians in Muslim nations must stop. Christians are being crucified, beheaded, raped, and enslaved simply because they are followers of Christ.

University Professor Convicted for Assault on Pro-Life Students
LINK Life Legal Defense Foundation Says UCSB Faculty Member's Conviction Should Dissuade Similar Violence

Small Group Reaches 20 Million Americans with Grass Roots Class Action Defense of Mount Soledad Cross
LINK Contact: Eugene Delgaudio, Public Advocate of the US Inc., 703-845-1808, eugenedelgaudio@erols.com

IRD's Chelsen Vicari to Join Christian Solidarity Trip to Israel
LINK "Undermining Christian support of Israel is the latest trend among young Evangelicals." -- Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Action Director

Catholic Answers Conference Registration Ends Friday
LINK Contact: Jon Sorensen, Catholic Answers, 619-387-7200

Knights of Columbus Announces Fund to Help Christians Threatened with Extinction in Iraq
LINK Commits $1 million and seeks public donations for humanitarian aid to religious minorities

North Korean Underground Christians Omitted from Historic North-South Church Summit
LINK Contact: Tim Dillmuth, Seoul USA, 719-330-6910

Grossly Inadequate Iraq Response by UN and Obama, Says Coptic Solidarity
LINK Contact Lindsay Vessey, Coptic Solidarity, 801-512-1713, coptadvoacy@copticsoldiarity.com WASHINGTON, Aug. 12, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Coptic Solidarity condemns the grossly inadequate and slow response by the international community to the ongoing genocide and humanitarian crisis in Iraq driven by ISIL Jihadists against religious and ethnic minorities. The founding words of the United Nations, "Never Again" ring hollow as the UN and powerful member states lack the will-power Source: Coptic Solidarity

Saudi Royal Family will not Allow America to Defeat Sunni Terrorists in Iraq
LINK Contact: William J. Murray, Religious Freedom Coalition, 202-742-8990

Faith Leaders Thank President Obama for Responding to Crisis of Genocide and the Persecution of Christians and Other Religious Minorities in Iraq
LINK They Express Gratitude that the President has Gotten Involved and Mobilized the Resources of the United States

Immediate Action Needed to Address Ebola Crisis in Liberia
LINK In Congressional Testimony, Dr. Frank Glover Outlines Steps to Help Stem Death Toll

Obama Administration Fails to Act to Protect Christians and Other Religious Minorities in Iraq
LINK Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, 540-538-4741WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ --  ISIS is carrying out genocide against religious minorities on a daily basis and President Obama has not personally addressed this tragedy or involved his Administration.  Faith leaders and community to hold prayer vigil and public witness in front of the White House on Saturday, August 9 at 11:00 A.M.The vigil will be on Pennsylvania Ave. NW in front of the White House ac Source: Christian Defense Coalition

NRB Concerned by Private Deal for Church Scrutiny
LINK Contact: Kenneth Chan, 703-331-4520, press@nrb.org

IRD Thanks Rep. Wolf Spotlighting Iraqi Christians' Plight
LINK "The Church is effectively a family, and Christians in the West are obligated to take seriously threats against fellow believers in places like Syria and Iraq." -- IRD President Mark Tooley

War on Real Christianity Spreading, U.S. Seen as Chief Facilitator
LINK Could Another 'Great Awakening' Result from Persecution?

'Eternal Revolution' Book Calls Christians to View Their Religion as Warfare
LINK Contact: Paul Nowak, 616-425-8873, sales@eternalrevolution.com

Rabbi David Saperstein Nominated for Religious Freedom Post
LINK "We pray for his boldness and his success as America's newly designated advocate for the religiously oppressed around the world." -- Faith J. H. McDonnell, IRD Religious Liberty Program Director

Christian Clergy Gather to Condemn Hamas Violence
LINK Contact: Stephen Jenks, Eagles' Wings, 716-759-1058, stephenjenks@eagleswings.to

Christian Woman Previously Sentenced to Death Successfully Departs Sudan
LINK "We want to see freedom for all of the people of Sudan." -- Faith J. H. McDonnell, IRD Religious Liberty Program Director

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