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Days Before She Takes Her Life, Cancer Victim Brittany Maynard Completes Bucket List; Survivor Tells Her 'Life Is Beautiful Always'
LINK Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old cancer-stricken woman determined to take her own life under Oregon's Death With Dignity Act on Nov. 1, celebrated the completion of her bucket list with a visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, as one survivor reminded her in a powerful video that "life is beautiful always."

Jeb Bush Blasts Obama's 'Incompetent' Response to Ebola in the US
LINK Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has criticized President Barack Obama's "incompetent" response to Ebola virus cases in the U.S., arguing that the government's failure to provide clarity created fear among the public. During a speech on Tuesday about the Ebola response, however, the president pointed out that all seven Americans treated for the virus have survived.

Pro-Life Group Seeks Restraining Order Against Police Over Alleged Harassment Outside Abortion Clinic
LINK A Mississippi judge has denied a pro-life group's request for a restraining order against police officers whom they claim have repeatedly harassed them when they protest outside the state's sole abortion clinic.

Ebola Doctor Craig Spencer 'Lied' About New York Movements; Initially Claimed He 'Self-Quarantined'
LINK New York Doctor Craig Spencer reportedly lied to police about his movements around the city before he tested positive for Ebola.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Drops Subpoenas Demanding Pastors Turn Over Their Sermons
LINK Houston Mayor Annise Parker has announced that she will withdraw the subpoenas against five pastors who have spoken out against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, an LGBT city ordinance that some opponents claim would allow men to use women's public restrooms.

Texas Executes Miguel Paredes; 'I'm at Peace,' Inmate Says Before Dying
LINK The state of Texas executed its tenth prisoner this year on Tuesday, Oct. 28; before dying, Miguel Paredes said he was at peace with his life.

NASA-Contracted Orbital Sciences Rocket Explodes in 'Catastrophic Failure' During Launch in Eastern Virginia
LINK Just six seconds after liftoff, a NASA-contracted unmanned Orbital Sciences Corporation rocket stacked with 5,000 pounds of food and scientific experiments exploded in a fiery ball in Virginia Tuesday evening. The rocket was destined for the International Space Station orbiting 200 miles above earth.

Ferguson Police Chief Denies Resignation Report Ahead of Grand Jury's Verdict on Darren Wilson; 'If I Do Resign, It Will Be My Own Choice'
LINK Embattled Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson has denied reports claiming he will step down next week after months of unrest over the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Refuses to Follow 'Quarantine' as State Threatens Legal Action
LINK The nurse quarantined in New Jersey upon returning from West Africa has been transferred to Maine but refuses to obey the suggestion to remain quarantined in her home.

UC Berkeley Students Call Bill Maher 'Blatant Bigot' Over Anti-Islam Views, Start Petition to Ban Him From Commencement
LINK A student petition to stop atheist HBO talk show host Bill Maher from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley's fall commencement ceremony has reached over 3,000 signatures. The petition has called Maher a "blatant bigot" and "racist" over his strong opinions about Islam.

State Dept. Claims It Has No Plans to Bring Ebola Victims to US, Despite Memo; Australia's Travel Ban on Ebola-Hit Countries Slammed as 'Discriminatory'
LINK The West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola virus outbreak have called Australia's recently imposed travel ban "discriminatory," arguing that it will not help in the fight against the epidemic. The U.S. meanwhile continues debating its own response, with the State Department denying that it's considering plans to bring over non-citizens for Ebola treatment.

Gas Prices Dropping Across the US, Expected to Keep Falling for 2014
LINK Gas prices are dropping across the U.S. as the price of oil decreases, according to reports. A national survey says that gas prices have dropped 18 cents in the last two weeks.

Healthy African-American Brothers Raised in Senegal Beaten, Called 'Ebola' in Hysterical Attack on Playground at NYC School
LINK Just a day after New York City announced the diagnosis of the city's first Ebola victim, two young African-American brothers who recently returned to the U.S. after being raised in Senegal were reportedly beaten and called "Ebola" by at least 12 students on the playground at a Bronx school last Friday.

Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson Credits Faith for Speedy Recovery After Battle With Ebola; 'With God All Things Are Possible' (Video)
LINK Texas nurse Amber Vinson spoke out for the first time Tuesday, after being released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta where she completed treatment for the deadly Ebola virus that she contracted earlier this month.

'Miracles Are One Way God Makes Himself Real to Us,' Says Eric Metaxas (CP Video)
LINK New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas recently spoke to CP Voice about his new book, "Miracles," and why they matter so much to Christians.

Man Who Allegedly Smashed Ten Commandments Monument Is a Devout Christian, Says Mom: 'In His Right Mind It Would Break His Heart'
LINK Michael Reed Jr., the 29-year-old man accused of destroying the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma Capitol, is a devout Christian who wanted to be a pastor but has been wrestling with mental illness for the last two years, according to his mother.

US Gave $8B to Pakistan While Christian Mother Asia Bibi Was Imprisoned and Sentenced to Death; ACLJ Wants Aid Stopped in Petition
LINK The American Center for Law and Justice has started a petition asking the U.S. government to stop sending foreign aid to Pakistan, the country that recently upheld the death sentence for Christian mother Asia Bibi for blasphemy. Figures have shown that the U.S. sent close to $8 billion to Pakistan in the past five years while Bibi has been imprisoned.

Poor, Disadvantaged Youth Would Benefit From School Choice Programs That Include Faith-Based Schools, 50 Years of Research Suggests
LINK Disadvantaged youth from poor families would benefit most from robust school choice programs that include faith-based schools, according to a meta-analysis of academic research on public and private schools.

Man Allegedly Urinates On, Crashes Into Oklahoma's Controversial Ten Commandments Monument; Says Devil Made Him Do It
LINK A man is now under mental evaluation in Oklahoma after allegedly urinating on and crashing into the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Boko Haram Aductee Release Talks Ongoing Despite Nigeria's Surge in Violence; Victims Recount Sex Slavery, Forced Conversions
LINK Talks between Nigeria and Jihadist group Boko Haram to release more than 200 kidnapped girls have not been jeopardized by a surge in violence, the West African nation's foreign minister said today.

News from Christian News Wire

Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

Statement from Faith Driven Consumer Founder Chris Stone on Houston Mayor Parker's Decision to Withdraw Subpoenas on Pastors in the City
LINK Contact: Matthew Faraci, Faith Driven Consumer, 919-645-0771, matthew@faithdrivenconsumer.com RALEIGH, N.C., October 29, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Faith Driven Consumer, the group that emerged on the national stage last year with its #IStandWithPhil campaign that played a leading role in Phil Robertson's return to Duck Dynasty, continues to serve as an advocate for more than 41 million consumers who spend $2 trillion annually. Two weeks a Source: Faith Driven Consumer

Houston Mayor Withdraws Subpoenas of Pastors -- Emergency Delegation Commends a Good Decision
LINK Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, 540-538-4741HOUSTON, Oct. 29, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today Houston Mayor Annise Parker announced she has directed her legal team to drop the subpoenas of city pastors who opposed a pro-gay city ordinance. The decision comes one day after an emergency delegation of seven pastors from across the country met privately with the mayor for an hour. The meeting followed a prayer vigil held by the group in front of Houston City Hall."Mayor Parker made the rig Source: National Clergy Council

Emergency National Delegation of Clergy Assured Personal Meeting with Houston Mayor to Discuss Concerns Over First Amendment and Religious Freedom
LINK Contact: Rev. Pat Mahoney, 540-538-4741; Rev. Rob Schenck, 202-656-1252

Update from Houston: Delegation of Christian Leaders to Hold Prayer Vigil Outside the Office of Houston Mayor Parker After News Conference
LINK The vigil will be at 11:00 A.M.Contact:  Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741HOUSTON, Oct. 28, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The group wants to stand in solidarity with local Houston pastors and also send a clear message that the faith community will not be bullied or intimidated into surrendering their religious freedoms and rights.The clergy will then conduct an afternoon prayer vigil outside of the office of Houston City Attorney, David Feldman, at 2:00 P.M.Christian pastors and n Source: Christian Defense Coalition

National Delegation of Clergy Arrive in Houston to Demand Mayor Withdraw Subpoenas Against Pastors
LINK Contact: Rev. Pat Mahoney, 540-538-4741; Rev. Rob Schenck, 202-656-1252HOUSTON, Oct. 28, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A seven-member delegation of clergy representing different denominations and including church leaders from four states and the District of Columbia will visit the office of Houston Mayor Annise Parker today after a 10:00 a.m. news conference in front of the mayor's office at 901 Bagby Street.Delegates will also visit the office of city attorney David Feldman who i Source: National Clergy Council

Court Allows Continued Harassment of Pro-Life Advocates
LINK Federal Court Denies Life Legal Defense Foundation's Request to Intervene in Mississippi

CFF's President Still Waiting for the Green Light to March in the 2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade
LINK Contact: Dr. Elizabeth B. Rex, President, The Children First Foundation, 914-965-2734, 914-629-3710 cell, ElizabethRexCFF@aol.com

Christian Pastors and National Leaders to Travel to Houston, Texas this Tuesday to Hold News Conference Calling for Mayor Parker to Withdraw Subpoenas to Local Pastors
LINK Contact:  Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741

City Admits Censoring Pro-Life 'Jumbotron' at Alamo
LINK Contact Mark Harrington, Created Equal, 614-419-9000, mark@createdequal.net  

Christian Pastors and Leaders to Travel to Houston, TX this Tuesday to Hold News Conference Calling for Mayor Parker to Withdraw Subpoenas to Local Pastors
LINK Contact:  Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741HOUSTON, Oct. 26, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The City of Houston has demanded pastors turn over all their speeches, presentations and other materials related to their comments on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.  (HERO)The Christian Defense Coalition, the National Clergy Council and the League for the Defense of Pastors will hold a news conference on Tuesday, October 28, at 10:00 A. M.The news conference will be Source: Christian Defense Coalition

Las Vegas Gambles with Student Privacy
LINK Contact: Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute, 916-212-5607

PJI Files Brief in Forced Religion of Yoga Case
LINK Contact: Brad Dacus, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), 916-857-6900

'No Gay Civil Rights, We are Ready to Go to Jail' Say Michigan Pastors at Capital Press Conference
LINK Contact: Stacy M. Swimp, 313-848-7569, info@nationalclc.org DETROIT, Oct. 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Hundreds of Michigan Pastors and Christian leaders gathered on the steps on the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan to hold a press conference in opposition to the growing movement within the Michigan Legislature to amend the State's Civil Rights Act- Elliott Larson- to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. "We, the undersigned Christian Pas Source: Stacy M. Swimp

We Will Not Comply: California Forces Churches to Directly Fund Abortions
LINK Contact: Troy Newman, President, 316-841-1700; Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, 316-516-3034; both with Operation Rescue, info.operationrescue@gmail.com  SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 22, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- To the dismay of California's people of faith, the California Department of Managed Health Care has reclassified abortion as a "basic health service" under the Affordable Care Act and ordered all insurance plans in the state to begin covering surgical abortio Source: Operation Rescue

De Blasio Okay with Anti-Semitic Opera
LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org  NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2014 /Standard Newswire/ -- Bill Donohue comments on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's position on "The Death of Klinghoffer," which debuted last night at the Metropolitan Opera:

Foundation Defends Pastors Against Houston Mayor

Synod Coverage Fixated on Gays
LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org

#HoustonWeHaveAProblem Petition Surpasses 10,000 Supporters as Pressure Mounts for City of Houston to Drop Subpoenas
LINK Faith Driven Consumer's grassroots effort supporting Houston's pastors--despite initially being blocked by Twitter after it launched last Thursday--continues to gain momentum as leaders around the nation call on city officials to reverse course

Faith Organizations to Announce National Campaign if Houston's Mayor Parker Doesn't Withdraw Subpoenas Sent to Local Houston Pastors
LINK The groups shared their concerns in a letter sent to the MayorContact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The City of Houston has demanded pastors turn over all their speeches, presentations and other materials related their their comments on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.  (HERO)The Christian Defense Coalition, the National Clergy Council and the League for the Defense of Pastors will hold a news conference in f Source: Christian Defense Coalition

Pastor Calls for National Unity with the Houston 5
LINK Contact: Rev. CJ Conner, 715-651-0946

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