Shepherd PI

This project is currently under development as of July 2015.

Until then the basic idea can be implemented via the pBiblx2 barebones package and a CGI server such as Apache or Lighttpd.

The Idea

For months now, I have had a $29 Raspberry PI single board computer working as my personal pBiblx2 seed. I made it into a captive WIFI and DHCP access point. I can access it from any internet device. I can take it with me camping. I can take it with me to group bible studies. I can turn it on at the airport terminal. Big deal right!

The thing is that it set up with open access. Anyone in the room with my ShepherdPI can access my pBiblx2 seed; on their phone, IPAD, netbook, whatever. Further, I built it into a cheap Hobby Lobby decorative bible looking case. I am asked all the time about my odd book and what is inside... and so the bible conversation begins. Yes it is a big deal!

Besides the convenience of having all my notes and resources with me all of the time, not just on my phone or laptop, besides anyone interested being able to join along with me or venture off into any resources they saw fit, I have a tool for immediate evangelism. I am working now to ease the installation for anyone else so desiring this tool as well.

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