Practical Christian Application and Reference Resources


This content posting board is currently sub divided into the the following sections:

PCARR Main Threads:

HomePage - Home Page (including bible book summaries and system guides and helps)
FeatureHome - Featured Christian Resources
DailyApplications - User contributed ways of applying scripture to daily life.
BibleNotes - User contributed bible notes (Word, Verse, Chapter, Book, Topic study notes)
DoctrinalStudy - A growing collection of historical creeds/confessions/catechisms and doctrinal works.
RealGod - Real Life Real People Real God testimonies and user profiles.
MyPad - A place for personal user notes and jots.


devotion:MyDevotions - Individual and group bible devotions home page
MyApps - User scripted pcarr applications: Journals, Calendars, Date driven Devotionals, RSS News Feeds etc...
journal:MyJournal - Journal app using the PCARR comment facility.

For information regarding how to become involved in the development of these Christian resources please see: PracticalChristian and PbiblxHelp

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