The pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System has become a whole lot more user friendly with the addition of user contributed pluggin applications. These apps help navigate the vast resources of the pBiblx2 system in many helpful ways. If you can think of a plugin application that would be helpful to you please by all means suggest it in the discussion board for this page.

    User contributed apps on this pBiblx2 seed:
  1. Automated Daily Light Devotional by RandyP 4/12/2012
  2. Devotional: Daily Light JULY4
  3. Automated Daily Bible Reading Plan1 by RandyP 4/12/2012
  4. Devotional:Plan1 July4
  5. Automated Daily Gospel Reading Plan1 by RandyP 12/30/2012
  6. Devotional:Gospel1 July4
  7. Automated Daily Bible Reading Plan2 by RandyP 4/12/2012
  8. Devotional:Plan2 July4
  9. Automated Daily Bible Reading Plan4 by RandyP 4/12/2012
  10. Devotional: Plan4 Day_185
  11. Automated Daily Chronological Read by RandyP 4/12/2012
  12. Devotional: Chronological Day_185
  13. User Journaling App (see: journal:MyJournal ) by RandyP 4/12/2012
  14. Journal Entries: 4July2015
  15. User Calendaring App (see: home:MyCalendar ) by RandyP 4/12/2012
  16. Calendar Entries: Calendar:July2015
  17. User MYDAILYRSS RSS Feed (Experimental) by RandyP 9/17/2013
  18. NewsFeeds
  19. Last 20 Bible Comments (Experimental) by RandyP 4/23/2012
  20. LastTwentyBibleComments

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