feigned dissimultation hypocrisy.

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Quoted resource: strongs 'G505'

G5050 @ τελείωσις teleiōsis tel-i'-o-sis From G5448; (the act) completion that is (of prophecy) verification or (of expiation) absolution: - perfection performance.

G5051 @ τελειωτής teleiōtēs tel-i-o-tace' From G5048; a completer that is consummater: - finisher.

G5052 @ τελεσφορέω telesphoreō tel-es-for-eh'-o From a compound of G5056 and G5342; to be a bearer to completion (maturity) that is to ripen fruit (figuratively): - bring fruit to perfection.

G5053 @ τελευτάω teleutaō tel-yoo-tah'-o From a presumed derivative of G5055; to finish life (by implication of G979) that is expire (demise): - be dead decease die.

G5054 @ τελευτή teleutē tel-yoo-tay' From G5053; decease: - death.

G5055 @ τελέω teleō tel-eh'-o From G5056; to end that is complete6 execute conclude6 discharge (a debt): - accomplish make an end expire fill up finish go over pay perform.

G5056 @ τέλος telos tel'-os From a primary word τέλλω tellō (to set out for a definite point or goal); properly the point aimed at as a limit that is (by implication) the conclusion of an act or state (termination [literally figuratively or indefinitely] result [immediate ultimate or prophetic] purpose); specifically an impost or levy (as paid): - + continual custom end (-ing) finally uttermost. Compare G5411.

G5057 @ τελώνης telōnēs tel-o'-nace From G5056 and G5608; a tax farmer that is collector of public revenue: - publican.

G5058 @ τελώνιον telōnion tel-o'-nee-on Neuter of a presumed derivative of G5057; a tax gatherer's place of business: - receipt of custom.

G5059 @ τέρας teras ter'-as Of uncertain affinity; a prodigy or omen: - wonder.

G505 @ ἀνυπόκριτος anupokritos an-oo-pok'-ree-tos From G1 (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of G5271; undissembled that is sincere: - without dissimulation (hypocrisy) unfeigned.


unfeigned, without hypocrisy, without dissimulation (some translations sincere)

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