The possible connection between dominant traits and gifts.

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Some study prep: index:SPIRITUALGIFTS NONE

It recently occurred to me that people may have many of the traits that make up a spiritual gift even before they have received Christ.

There appears to be different levels of spiritual gifts ranging from the general gifts He graces all men with such as wisdom and compassion, the edificial/organiational fellowship gifts given to all believers such as ministry and teaching and giving, and the miracle gifts of healing and toungues and interpretations.

While we know for certain that the miracle gifts are given only by the Holy Spirit typically through the laying on of hands, we also know that:

Quoted index: SPIRITUALGIFTS - can:

kjv@Matthew:7:22-23 possessed without saving grace - Gifts can be:
kjv@1Thessalonians:5:20 despised - Gifts can be:
kjv@1Timothy:4:14 neglected - Gifts can be:
kjv@Acts:8:20 not purchased - Gifts can be:
kjv@2Timothy:1:6 stirred up - Gifts can be:
kjv@1Corinthians:14:12 zealous of - Gifts can be:
kjv@1Corinthians:13:1-2 made effectual in charity - Gifts can be:

I would suggest then that the possibility does exists that God has designed all men to operate within a pre-established general and edificial gifts and that individual dominant traits have been given (some even from birth) to point us toward and prepare us for the eventual handling of the Holy Spirit.

kjv@Romans:12:6 may further explain this concept suggesting that the existing gift must be at some point placed within the "portion" of faith. I think of a fire hose that just gushes water haphazardly until focused or directed by a nossle.

Every good gift is from God kjv@James:1:17. Does that mean that the gift that drives a secular man to the top of the corperate ladder is not from God? The gift that drives a secular surgeon to a refugee camp in Darfur, is that not from God?

It is more likely that God designed us all with a particular gift in mind, gave us dominant traits to direct us, and that we've riden to those traits either toward benefit to others or toward destruction to self.

You look at the majority of dominate personal traits and compare them good to bad, the ones that have been blessings are nearly identical to the ones that have become curses only twisted.

Take this a step further into the realm of spiritual gifts, you'll immediately sense a curious connection between traits and the edificial gifts.

kjv@Matthew:25:15-30 The Parable of the Talents told by Jesus may further this notion in that what has been given has been given with the expectation of further gain, for some the gift will be compounded, for others even that which they have will taken away.

For many what was intended as blessing has become a curse.

My initial draft - Possible connections of Gifts to destructive traits (Edificial Gifts from Romans:12):

With Portion of Faith: Trait Description: Without Portion of Faith Best Case: Without Portion of Faith Worst Case:
prophecy repeating what has been revealed to you, fortelling, predicting analist, prognostcator, planner, visionary gossip, rumor, tattle, soothsayer, astrologist, clarvouant, gambler, deciever
ministry attend to, aid, officially serve, administer, relieve assistant, administration, organizer, supervisor, advocate, doctor misguided enabler, cohort, tag along, over protect, compulsive, addictive
teaching instructing professor, teacher, researcher, analist superiority, interlorence to subordinates, taskmaster, spiteful, easily frustrated, critical, impersonal, unapproachable, liar
exhortation invite, invoke, beseech, comfort speaker, performer, counselor, artist, illustrator murmurer, grandstander, loud mouth, confrontaional, babeler, slanderer, hypercritical, alarmist, flirt
give share, impart coordinator, volunteer, donator, benefactor hoard, smotherer
rule ranking, preside, maintain Manager, CEO, owner, leader, politician rage, judgment, domination, boastful, recluse, rebelious
mercy extend compassion, grace advocate, sponseror, pacifist gullable, vengful, radical

Maybe you can come up with a better list.



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