PCARR Help file


This Wiki like system uses simple text files to store user generated content. It can also produce some elementary HTML formating using some very simple syntax.

    External link formatting features
  1. External HTTP links are automatically identified such ashttp://shepherdpuplinux.us
  2. External HTML IMG links (png, jpg, gif) are automatically identified such as ./style/img/152.gif
  3. External mailto links are automatically identified such as mailto:1pritts@comcast.net
  4. External media stream URLs like mms and rtsp mms://stream1.france24.yacast.net/f24/liveen

    Internal pBiblx Links
  1. Bible passage links include the version@book:title kjv@Matthew:1:1 or kjv@STRING:Bless+the+LORD
  2. Seeker search words are linked to Finder by surrounding the word with square brackets.
  3. Common Seeker search words are automatically identified.
  4. CamelCase links are automatically identified within each wiki type.
  5. CamelCase links to files in other PCARR wiki types are written PBNOTE@BibleNotes@ PBPCARR@PracticalChristian@ PBRRR@RealGod@ PBMYPAD@MyPad@ with the CamelCase filename within ampersands
  6. Tags and Indexes can be linked PBTAG@Faith@ or PBINDEX@SCRIPTUREBYSUBJECT@compassion
  7. Direct Dictionary links PBDICT@strongs@psalm where the reference name is strongs naves easton or tcr separated by ampersands followed by word inquiry.
  8. Direct Strongs links by number are PBSTRONG@G873

    Simple Text Formating Syntax
  1. Lines beginning with an "=" produce an H1 heading: (Likewise - Lines beginning with an "==" or "===" produce H2 or H3 headings:)
  2. New paragraphs begin with a blank line
  3. Hard rule lines begin with '----'

  1. Lists begin with asterik for unorder lists or pound for numbered list.
  2. List items begin with double asterik for unorder lists or double pound for numbered list.

  • Lists are ended with a single asterick or pound

    1. Tables

      Tables begin on a new line withleft parenthesisslash
      Table Rows are newlines started withslash
      Cells each haveslash
      Cells can include linkshttp://shepherdpuplinux.us
      table ends withslashright parenthesis

    1. Words and phases can be underlined using an underscore before and after.
    2. Words and phases can be struckthrough using an minus before and after.
    3. Words and phases can be bold using an asterik before and after.
    4. Words and phases can be italicized using an exclamation before and after.
    5. Lines begining with space become indented blockquotes.

    1. Files can be locked off from public editing by placing LOCKME@(password) alone on the top line.
    2. Only users with that password will be able to edit that file. PCARR will hide the LOCK and the password.

    To best see how the formating syntax, view this file in edit mode.
    New - TableTest1 Test of table formatting in imaginative examples

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