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H7563 @ רשׁע râshâ‛ raw-shaw' From H7561; morally wrong; concretely an (actively) bad person: - + {condemned} {guilty} {ungodly} wicked ({man}) that did wrong.

Similar words: dict:strongs wicked dict:strongs ungodly

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There seems to be a distinction between the wicked individual, the wicked as a group, and the wicked as a secretive congregation/force. Proverbs for instance seems to focus more on the individual, Jeremiah seems to suggest that there is hope for the individual to turn around and the responsibility of the prophet to warn the wicked as individuals and groups of their way/end, Psalms seems to depict both individuals and a tyrannic assembly/congregation that infiltrates/surrounds him and pains him with terror and fear as being deaf and unrelenting.

The poor, the upright, and justice/civic order appear to be their main targets for which that are willing deceive/intimidate/slander/set traps/murder to achieve. The over riding factor is their rejection and rebellion from anything having to do with God. These are their targets precisely for that reason.

It should also be noted the connection of guilt to those simpletons and pacifists who stand as a hedge/wedge knowingly/unknowingly against the righteous in their battle against the wicked and those who call the righteous wicked and wicked righteous.

There is an argue-able discrepancy that must be further reconciled between the enviable gain some achieve, the destruction their own wickedness brings upon them, and the final cut off and removal of their seed. We are told that they were made by God for the day of judgment and though they grow like grass, God will hear the cry of the poor/upright when the wicked oppresses.

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