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Case Description: (Who? What? When? Where?)

Daily Evangelistic Endeavors. Public, private, openair, workplace. We each should be seeking the resources and opportunities to spread the message of the Kingdom of God to the world all around us in bold and effective ways.

Application: (Analysis and proposition or action)

We are all called to promote and proclaim the Gospel of Christ no matter how young or how experienced we are. Here is a growing collection of efforts and experiences to draw inspiration and understanding from. By all of us sharing our successes and failures and thoughts we are bound to improve our effectiveness considerably.

References: (Scriptural basis)

kjv@Mark:16:15 kjv@Matthew:9:37 kjv@Matthew:5:16 kjv@2Timothy:4:5 kjv@2Timothy:4:2 kjv@1Corinthians:9:16 laid upon
kingdom evangel salvation redemption redeem command

Resources: (External sources)

Interactive Biblehttp://www.bible.ca/evangelism/welcome.htm

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