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This pBiblx2 Field Wise site is currently hosting the following user contributed resources:

PCARR Wikis:
extra:FeatureHome - Featured Christian Resources rss:FEATURE
pcarr:PracticalChristian - The original Practical Christian Reference and Resource rss:PCARR
note:BibleNotes - Bible Notes (Word, Verse, Chapter, Book, Topic stdy notes) rss:NOTES
RealGod - Real Life Real People Real God testimonies and user profiles. rss:RealGod
mypad:MyPad - My Pad personal notes and jots. rss:MyPad
home:HomePage - Home Page (including bible book summaries and system guides and helps) rss:HOME

home:MyApps - User scripted pcarr applications: Journals, Calendars, Date driven Devotionals, RSS News Feeds etc...
home:DiscussionPage - Home wiki discussions
bible:DiscussionPage - Bible wiki discussions
extra:DiscussionPage - Features wiki discussions
pcarr:DiscussionPage - PCARR wiki discussions
note:DiscussionPage - Note wiki discussions
DiscussionPage - Real God testimony and profile wiki discussions
journal:DiscussionPage - Journal wiki discussions
note:WordStudyNew - Word Studies
note:ChapterStudyNew - Chapter Studies

See Also:
journal:MyJournal - Journal app using the PCARR comment facility.
devotion:MyDevotions - Devotions hosted at this site.

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