The New Creature Exodus


The Good News? In Christ Jesus we are promised to be a "New Creature"!

As you are considering the "New Creature" promised us in the salvation plan of our Christ Jesus, it may be well worth considering the accounts of the Exodus of Israel as a model or map of the kind of spiritual process that we can expect to be engaged in.

(It may also help to revisit this map occasionally as we traverse each stage of the process to be reminded of where in the process we are currently at).

The sanctification process as observed in Exodus

For those of you familiar with the Exodus accounts I will briefly summarize. For those of you less familiar you may wish to read this summary and then read the Book of Exodus to compare.

Let me begin by saying that much like ourselves today, Israel found itself in complete bondage. They knew full well that their forefathers had been given a promise from God, an inheritance (birth right) that they were supposed to receive, but seemingly the more time that had passed, the further and further they were from seeing the actual possession of that promise come to fruition.

Sound Familiar?

Well, then in the midst of this bondage there must be an intelligent dis-enfranchised outcast thought that breaks away, that is exiled to a far distant mountain to have a "Burning Bush" "Bow Before God" "Holy Ground" moment where God is God (high and exalted) and man is man (face down - unholy and unworthy).

It is this chosen messenger of God that will return to the scene of his bondage, attempt to gather the support of his fellow thoughts, standing before the Pharaoh of his captivity depending solely upon the strength of his God, pleading for a negotiated release from captivity.

Similar reoccurring attempts will be made, each time leading to a further hardening of the controlling interests' heart. Bondage may get tougher before there is any release.

There will eventually be a "Passover" moment as well where in despair and fear, faced with great personal cost, in newly found observance and obedience, that the captives will rely squarely upon the unblemished sacrificial Blood of the Passover Lamb thus gaining deliverance.

However, being made free from the immediate bondage, and then now possessing the substantial spiritual heart and soul needed to possess the truer promised land, these things we find are as two different mindsets. There also will be a wilderness experience to be mindful of.

There will be internal murmuring. There will be a sizable opposition wanting to go back to the taskmaster Egypt. There will be false images and false worship and treasonous conspiracy developed. There will be spies sent out to survey the promised land that will not return with a good convincing report. There will be a cowardice towards the giants inhabiting the land. These obstacles will have to be dealt with.

Eventually, each of us will get to a point where it will be time to go into Canaan in order to possess the entire promise. God has already won the victory most assuredly; we will have to summon up the trust and obedience to Him in order to spiritually dis-possess the foreign thoughts and temptations and godless forms within.

Most importantly to those of us seeking the truest experience of God and our New Creature will be those times needed for revival, where we will be driven by events back down to our knees, where God's mercy will be called for and received, when thoughts will be brought back out again from different yet well deserved captive consequences.

This summary sounds like a tough time head does it not?

Not really! Not for those that truly desire His presence. Remember that much like Israel, God will be there in all things for us too. He will be the cloud by day and the flame by night that guides us. He will be the rock flowing with water and the brass serpent raised above our heads to protect us.

There is plenty of inspiring scripture to help back up this point of sufficiency:


    Being aware of the possiblity of this process should make each of us more mindful of:
  1. the reprobate mindsets within us that we are each fighting
  2. the discernment and biblical tools required to navigate the process
  3. the type of God centered dependency that God places upon those that truly seek to be His followers.

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