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What started as a small and humble idea.

As our pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System approaches it's next major update, I think it is amazing to look back on where it originally came from.

In the beginning!

pBiblx actually began as a set of bash command line scripts that I had been using to make myself parallel language lists to teach myself Spanish. I would generate synthesized voice renderings of the bilateral text for mp3 that I could take to work with me to listen to.

In response to a Christian forum posting asking if there was such a thing as a small bible related "live miniCD" OS that could be given away at an upcoming convention, and having a similar need in my ministry, I began toying with PuppyLinux . Thus the idea for ShepherdPupLinux was born.

My initial efforts never became fruitful as I struggled containing the size of the distribution to under 60megs. I seemed that all the popular bible software I wanted required either Java or KDE or Wine; so no go.

Eventually, out of frustration, I turned back to my own Bash scripts. Puppy sported an easy to script GUI 'GTKDialog' that sufficed for the simple arguments and pipes that my scripts required. There you have the birth of pBible the predecessor to pBiblx.

There seemed to be a power in such raw simplicity.

In the mean time I stumbled upon Church Pup and Living Waters Puppy. Had some preliminary thought of joining efforts, but, wanted to keep the pure evangelism idea afloat. pBible was renamed pBiblx after finding a similar product by that name for PalmOS.

The first official release of ShepherdPupLinux was July 19th 2009; never intending at that stage to release pBiblx seperately. Early responses were positive. Thanks to some nurturing users bugs were worked out and new features continuously added. Distro World and some other mega OS sites caught on to Shepherd Pup; suddenly feature requests out grew the means for Bash and GTKDialog interface.

Perl and HTTP CGI became the big transition. A survey of existing web bibles prooved very rudimentary with virtually no integration to user notes and indexes etc...

I had been keeping my notes on my own private Didiwiki for sometime experiencing both the power of wiki noting and the utter frustration of having to cut and paste and do so much just syntax just to get the two systems to play well together. So pBiblx bore it's own wiki tightly integrated with it's many study and presentation resources. pBiblx became "pBiblx Field Wise".

The Future

"Field Wise" has been out nearly six months now. Feature requests have steadily come in and been implemented. ShepherdPupLinux has temporarily taken a back seat as the pBiblx server has matured. I believe we are at a point of having good reason to reignite ShepherdPupLinux development.

The purpose of both pBiblx and ShepherdPupLinux will always be about the evangelism. This will be what separates us from the many other Christian Distros that have since developed. The idea of being able to extend your ministry on to the internet, extend your ministry into the hands of people on the streets, extend your ministry by helping others in extending theirs is truly the track we'll seek to take.

I hope that you find good evangelical uses with this next release. All to the glory of our God!


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