A look into the role of the ReprobateCore in regards to all personal destructive traits.

    The consistency of the Bible context regarding destructive traits:
  1. The ReprobateCore seeks to minimize/justify the scope impact and brevity of it's destructive traits.
  2. Scope - You'll find it very illustrative of the ReprobateCore to consider that nearly every trait listed in this study can be plainly and overwhelmingly observed throughout the realms of politics/business/government bureaucracies/society in general/neighbors and associates and friends/etc../everywhere we presume other than our own personal lives. Why would we think that are they so prevalent and so inter-related else where, but not within ourselves? The answer dwells at the foot of what I call the ReprobateCore.

    We can surely see how everyone else is caught up not only in these traits, but tangled in the complex web of self minimization and self justification and self deceit. The greater context of the Bible depicts generation after generation, nation after nation, group after group, individual after individual (you get the point) of people exhibiting nothing but this reprobate mindset, even the religious whom should have known better. Why then not us?

  3. The ReprobateCore seeks to separate/compartmentalize destructive traits from their one true source.
  4. Generation after generation we do as we see fit, think that we are somehow more enlightened, that we do things better or have overcome that certain trait. Perhaps we are more clever in intellectually dismissing the obvious real life results, actual progress i regards to these traits seems to have gone nowhere.

    It is not until one considers their own personal traits in the context of how God sees them that one can actually fight back against their ReprobateCore's delusions. The problem is that the ReprobateCore has altered the true image of the true God beyond the point of recognition.

  5. The ReprobateCore is given over to a peculiar spiritual form of vanity by the deficient image it holds of God.
  6. The root cause is the one same thing for all human traits. The many resultant manifestations and their effect upon self and others are caused by the one same thing. To deal with one particular manifestation, one must deal with them all. To deal with them all, one must deal with the one root cause... the ReprobateCore.

  7. The ReprobateCore is incapable of addressing the destructive trait or it's underlying cause successfully.
  8. The ReprobateCore will always justify itself no matter what it does or doesn't do/say/think. It is based upon a vain imagination of who it is, a heart that consumes upon and deceives itself. It will put itself above God by putting God below itself either through denial or relativity or theological impurity.

  9. It is only in the accurate reflection of God the Father, redeeming and sanctifying blood of Jesus Christ, and His promise to create within us a new spiritual creature that the root cause is addressed.

    Biblical Consistency: Subjected in hope (kjv@Romans:8:20).
  1. The path that we follow is most determined by the proximity of our minds' image of God to God's actual true image and personhood.
  2. In Christ Jesus we have a clear and precise reflection of God's true image; His love, mercy, truth, justice, sovereignty and His all encompassing plan of redemption.
  3. God uses the events, traits and situations of our lives amongst all of us to gravitate us toward seeking His truer more perfect image.
  4. In faith and obedience to the hope found in Christ Jesus we are to become a "New Creature" that for now dwells within the old corrupted body to learn of and be established in the spiritual strength and sufficiency of His grace and holiness.

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