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I freely offer these self made audio resources to anyone that would find good use for them. They are mostly notes and contemplations I've recorded as my daily ministerial needs have progressed. They are offered layman to layman and are not currently part of any official work with any other organization or church body.

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    Featured - Considering the concept of sin from a different light 09/09/2011.
  1. media: randyp/001-SinDebtAndDominion.MP3 Part 1
  2. media: randyp/002-SinDebtAndDominion.MP3 Part 2

    Featured - Mature Perspectives For New Christians
  1. media: randyp/001-NewChristianPerspectives.MP3 - Facing initial oppositions.

    Vision 08/25/2011
  1. media: randyp/001-Vision08252011.MP3 A recent vision of the movement of the Spirit changing the landscape for Christians.

    Fallen Christian Helps - outcomes of 08252011 vision
  1. media: randyp/FallenChristian-SavingFace.MP3 - exploring the human tendency of choking off God's Word with the worldly cares of trying to save face in times of fallen crisis.
  2. media: randyp/FallingChristian-Scale.MP3 - exploring the fallen individuals tendency of losing the perspective of scale.
  3. media: randyp/FallenChristianMeasureOfFaith.MP3 - exploring the need to step out of ones reckage returning to the divine measure of faith given.
  4. media: randyp/FallenChristian-Abrakadabra.MP3 - exploring the human tendency of thinking that all fall out and consequences can be avoided magically with one prayer or by particularly strong faith.
  5. media: randyp/001-FallenChristian-Suicide.MP3 - exploring the human tendency of fallen Christians considering suicide part1.
  6. media: randyp/002-FallenChristian-SuicideTransference.MP3 - exploring the human tendency of fallen Christians considering suicide part2.
  7. media: randyp/003-FallenChristian-SuicideDivision.MP3 - exploring the human tendency of fallen Christians considering suicide part3.

    Vision 10/2010 - Brief vision concerning the encouragement of the Aposlte Paul to know the hope of "The Calling".
  1. media: randyp/001-Vision102010.MP3 - The initial vision.

    God's Greater Context - Considering the larger scopes and contexts God has for us to see.
  1. media: randyp/001_GodsGreaterContextsForUs.MP3
  2. media: randyp/002_GodsGreaterContexts-DestructiveTraits.MP3
  3. media: randyp/003_GodsGreaterContexts-PowersThatBe.MP3
  4. media: randyp/004_GodsGreaterContexts-TheNumbers.MP3
  5. media: randyp/005_GodsGreaterContexts-Defiled.MP3
  6. media: randyp/006_GodsGreaterContexts-MathematicalProbabilities.MP3

    General Teachings:
  1. media: randyp/WhoHathBelievedOurReport.MP3 kjv@Isaiah:53 Belief is one thing, the strong arm of the LORD another.
  2. media: randyp/EnlightenmentConsidered.MP3 A reconsideration of our self serving terms of modern enlightenment.
  3. media[randyp@Romans:10.MP3] - kjv@Romans:10 The bottom line of our gospel message.
  4. media: randyp/1Corinthians:1FoolishnessOfCross.MP3 - kjv@1Corinthians:1 Is the message of the cross foolishness?
  5. media: randyp/Romans:16-Division.MP3 - kjv@Romans:16 Divisive members and those to exhort.
  6. mediGenesis:2Contemplations.MP3 - kjv@Genesis:2 The consequences of God giving us free will.
  7. media: randyp/FrowardVSForward.MP3 - Proverbs: Froward thinking versus Forward.
  8. media: randyp/FrowardDriver.MP3 - Proverbs: Froward thinking versus Forward illustrated by a driver.
  9. media: randyp/Matthew:6LordsPrayerContemplations.MP3 - kjv@Matthew:6 Contemplations of Lord's Prayer.

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