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SinNature as it relates to our religious nature... the picture may be startling.

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The Body of Scriptural Evidence.

On the one hand the SinNature of mankind is fairly easy to identify and convey. On the other hand the dilusional ReligiousNature that often replaces it afterwards is much more difficault to convey. The reprobate mind is actively decietful in both logical spheres.

Let me start by pointing out that the Bible throughout it's entirety is making particular mention of very specific widespread tendencies of the human mind/heart to attempt to bend God's truth around it's own will. Old Testament and New, the trend is not only prevelant but, predictable.

We are told that the heart is deceitful above all else (kjv@Jeremiah:17:9). We should literally 'take this statement to heart'.

The Real World - Real Life of Believers.

So many people today are searching for scriptural answers. There is a difference however between searching for scriptural answers and seeking for God the person. The final results are different as well.

Believers are assured that God above all else is seeking a personal fellowship, a direct one to one daily moment to moment relationship, a Father to son/daughter Creator to creation partnership. It can also be thought of as collective bride and groom connection. Jesus repeatidly said as much (e.g. kjv@Matthew:22:1-14).

Why then, as it comes to the guidance of the scriptures, are we constantly intellectualizing the text on the grounds of finding solutions our own personal issues? (Is it because that is they way other religious people have presented the scriptures to us?)

Think of ourselves approaching near to God. God says 'I want you to look into my eyes...I want you to know me as I know you - Intimately'.

Our eyes hurriedly shy to either side 'but I have to do this, I have to have that, some how you have to get me through this before that and then those and then this has to happen...oh Lord.. where are you.. can't you see that I'm....'

He replies 'I know...I know...Calm down now...It will be all right...Look now into my eyes...Show me that you trust me...Calm now...Easy'.

Like a frightened and wounded bird caught in the trap, we scuttle, we shriek, we dance about defensively one leg free pecking at the hand that seeks to release us. 'But, what about this, what if that were to happen, when, how, what manner'? You get the picture - 'you can help me "now" LORD but don't get too close'!

It is so difficault for the mind to wrap itself around the fact it is God the person (not God the list of do's and don'ts and self help tips patched together as reasonable sounding answers) that is going to deliver us.

It is a vacumn of our own creating (God the person pushed aside) that has caused our disfunction and suffering. It is the reinstatement of God the person back into His rightful position that will bring to us the truer healing and meaning.

Trial Balloons.

The heart wants to be spiritual, it really does; it just doesn't know how to. Occupying ourselves religiously doesn't always help matters either. (It can be like picking at ones own scabs, not allowing the wound to heal).

The fear is of God getting too close; of us being found out. So we send up these trial balloons 'God if you just save me from this or do this for me perhaps I'll let you get a tad bit closer'.

What we are saying essentially is that short of intamacy with Him, here is what we are willing to do, as long as He keeps up His end of the bargin. You can see how well this approach hasn't worked for us, can't you?

God says:
kjv@Proverbs:3:5-6 (trust acknowlegde)
kjv@Proverbs:9:10 (fear of the LORD is the begining)
kjv@Matthew:6:33 (seek ye first)

Is it any wonder that we constantly go wrong?


So while you're reading through the scriptures from here on out, dare to judge your intentions, dare to seek out God the person. Ask yourself in God's hands 'what is the worst that can happen to me'?

You can compile lists and lists of scriptural things that you could do or be or get others to do for you. If you don't see God more clearly through them however then what good is that list to you?

Perhaps you are trying to help someone else. You can compile lists and lists of scriptural things that they could do or be or get others to do for them. If they don't see God more clearly through the list, what good is that list to either of you?

Maybe that list does do some temporal good. For how long would that temporial good last? Haven't we really rather prolonged the inevitable descision out till later?

What if I were to make a list for you of all the things God wants us to get to know about Himself, that way you wont have to look Him in the eyes and learn of these things yourself? Where would that list get you?

This then is the unexpected forms of ReligiousNature. We can't even really say that the underlying intentions are good because the underlying intention is possess a form of godliness but to deny the intimate power therefof - God the person.

The command (kjv@Luke:10:27) afterall is to "love" the LORD your God with all your heart soul mind and strength, not just to "lay claim on Him".

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