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Having browsed through our FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith series now, you may interested in seeing more of how it works as we begin applying it forward into our daily lives, as it might be applied toward your present situation or crises. Perhaps the best way for you to see it at work is to compare it to what you are already doing as a type of baseline reading or survey. It would be wise for you to do this same eval frequently so as to measure your progress and visualize the areas in the process needing more adjustment.

If you are new to this series, it is likely that you are coming to it with a particular need in mind. More than likely you have already made your own efforts to resolve or meet this need. Great. Let's use this ApplicationOfTheLikePreciousFaith survey now to give you some feedback and point you to some solid directions to move forward in.

If you have been through this ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith survey and are attempting to implement the feedback and directions initially given, welcome back! Hopefully you are starting to see some progress towards genuine fruit. Hopefully you are open to some additional feedback and direction.

The hope of this ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith series is that you will see the daily application of the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith as a process of feedback leading to action leading feedback leading to further action, as a bridge being constructed to cross your faith over into your daily life and situations, as a pointing of your spiritual compass to spiritual due north in order to discern clearer direction even in the hardest most uncertain of times.

This all begins begins by a good honest insightful assessment of where you stand today!

Eval Section One - Core Faith Forward with Design

We will begin by comparing contextual elements of kjv@2Peter:1-4 to the context of what you are already doing. Ask yourself if your actions and decisions thus far are or represent these elements.

  1. Simon Peter (image of a man in transformation)
  2. Is what I am doing now a discernible representation of a person engaged more and more in the process of transformation by God's righteousness, grace and peace being multiplied, divine power in all things pertaining to life and godliness, partaking in divine nature having escaped corruption? Discernible to myself? Discernible to others?

    Is what I am doing now a discernible representation a person engaged more and more in the transformative pursuit of living faith forward with the courage and valor toward His excellence (virtue), living faith forward with the knowledge gleaned from reverence/sincere engagement with others/field wise experience, lived forward with spiritual/emotional/intellectual/physical temperance, with patience with self/others/processes of God, with engaging and workman like godliness, with the betterment of all with kindness as toward children of the living God, with God's agape forms of love? A discernible pursuit in you? A discernible pursuit of inspiring this in others?

  3. Simon Peter (image of servant and apostle)
  4. Is what I am doing now towards this situation serving my interests alone or the interests of others as seen by the righteousness interests of Father/Son, by the righteous interests of grace and peace, the righteous interests of our mutual calling to glory and virtue?

    Have my actions served the further establishment and edification of the like precious faith with others?

    Have my actions served the implementation and daily diligences of virtue/knowledge/temperance/patience/godliness/brotherly kindness/agape love?

    Have my actions served to produce productive fruit in the knowledge of Christ?

  5. Like Precious Faith (faith in line with/on equal footing with Apostles)
  6. Have my decisions and actions and methods and outlooks been inspired/influenced by, adjusted to more closely resemble, similar to those of an Apostle?

    Have my decisions and actions and methods and outlooks presented others of the same faith in the most favorable light? Have I presented myself alone or those who stand alongside me in the faith?

  7. Grace and Peace
  8. Have my decisions and actions been formed and executed out of a position of grace and peace? With God? With self? With others?

  9. Called to Glory and Virtue
  10. Have my decisions and actions been a result of God's divine power having given all things pertaining to life and godliness? Or are they by my own limited intellect and corrupted resource?

    Do these decisions and actions up to now represent the types of decisions that would be produced by a heart/mind that has escaped the corruptions of our former nature and now are partaking of His divine nature?

    Are these actions the result of working the prescribed diligences forward as best you can into all the areas of your daily life?

    Are the fruit of these actions something that you can discern either the knowledge of Christ or else a short sightedness or former corruption from? Can others discern either as well?

You can see from just this first section of this ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith baseline exam that there is a lot of input as to how you could better direct you effort and your energies; perhaps too much input at the start. You can see though how it is going to take the courage and valor, the knowledge, the temperance, the patience, the godliness, the brotherly kindness and agape forms of God's love, things that we will be examining in section two, to move this like precious faith forward.

It may seem overwhelming at first glance to have to accomplish all of this, but here is the best encouragement - it is God's divine power and exceeding promises that are doing all of this transformation, you are just opening up yourself to it and being diligent about carrying it through!

Exam Section Two - Diligences

This is the point that we will start to determine if the tangible actions that you would be applying to your day are in line with the tangible actions that the like precious faith would be producing in and through you.

    Daily Diligence in adding to these specific actionable areas:
  1. Courage/Valor/Virtue
  2. Have you done something courageous today in you present situation that moves your "like precious faith" closer to having the fruit Christ wants to see from this? Have you been courageous in seeking the knowledge that you will need, the temperance you'll need, the patience, the godliness, the brotherly kindness, the agape forms of love?

    Have you been courageous today in implementing the feedback that you have received from recent actions in this regard?

    Have you done something courageous today that has fostered this same type of courage in all those with whom you are in this situation with?

  3. Knowledge
  4. Have you reverently sought today the knowledge and understanding that God has for you in this day towards all of this days diligences? Have you sought ways of putting this very knowledge forward into action?

    Have you made inquiry today into lives and counsels of those you know and trust for godly advice? Have you been the same trustworthy source today for them?

    Has your knowledge today been applicable to the street level practice of the "like precious faith" for both yourself and others?

  5. Temperance
  6. Have you shown cool calm spiritual temperance today in your words, in your actions, in your reactions?

    Has your temperance been discernible by others and given them the opportunity to do the same?

    Have you actions today reflected a temperance holding back the more corruptible physical and emotional and intellectual influences and distractions of this day?

  7. Patience
  8. Have you done something today that has made it clear (a token or oath) to yourself/others that you are will be patient, patient with yourself, patient with them, patient with the timetables of God as long as the diligences are being mutually worked and moved forward towards an eventual fruit? Patience with engagement, Patience with purpose?

  9. Godliness
  10. Have your actions today made you to appear above the grittiness and dirtiness of a situation (yours or another's)? Or have these actions made you to be engaged and in the center of it connected and resposive as Christ would be?

    Can any of your actions today be reasonably observed as being hypocritical?

  11. Brotherly Kindness
  12. Opportunities for kindness are rarely planned for - have you been able to recognize and respond tangibly to these opportunities today?

    Exceeding kindness more importantly given to strangers and enemies - have you sought out and been able to tangibly bless another outside of the norm today?

  13. Agape Love
  14. A love much bigger than anyone of us needs to be enacted and performed by more than just one of us - have you been part of doing this bigger love with others today?

Section two is the part of this exam that most people get their actionable ideas from, so much so that they often loose sight of the section one articles of faith that they are supposed to be bridging over. It is one thing to be courageous and knowledgeable and temperate etc.. by your own resource and one very well could see fruit from just that. The true transforming power of the like precious faith however is carrying God's power and resources forward into our daily lives as intended/created. Carrying the more corrupted forms of these diligences forward may help to solve a problem here and now, but they certainly won't help to eliminate or reduce the problems further into the future as they are still carnally based.

Section Three - Feedback and Remembrances

I can tell you where everyone of us fails at this. I can tell you because Peter told me:

kjv@2Peter:1:8 @ For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

kjv@2Peter:1:9 @ But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

I can also tell you that we can know and do these things, but the human tendency is put them back into our war chest for another future brave battle or to think that no other battle will come and to sell these things all off. We will need to be put into remembrance. How do I know this? Duh!

So with feedback there comes correction and with correction there comes improvement. Eventually when there is fruit there will be even stronger feedback and when there is victory there will need to be remembrances.

Where do you stand with that?

We know life far to well to know that problems and situations do not happen one at a time. It is often the fruit that you are having in a totally separate area of your life that will support you in the areas that you are lacking fruit in. This is why then we suggest that this ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith be applied across the board into all the areas of your life. Strength from there will give you strength over here. Remember, ...if these things are in you and abound....

  1. Shortsightedness
  2. Is the broader scope of your life being in God's hands and His calling to glory and virtue being seen?

    Is the broader scope of applying these things into more than just one area being considered?

    Is your focus being turned from you and your problems outwards on others and how you might put your faith forward towards their lives? As appropriate towards the stage in the transformational process that they are currently in?

    Are you expecting the fruit to be one thing when it is being presented as another?

    Are you taking hold of the vastness of what God has already given toward life and godliness and seeking His insight in prayer as to how to use that before praying for something totally outside of that?

  3. Blindness
  4. Spiritual blindness is not that we cannot see (incapable), it is that we refuse to see what has already been revealed. Have you been walking the unfamiliar with eyes opened to His revelations or eyes closed imagining yours?

  5. Old sinful nature
  6. It's influence is always there, up to now it is all that we have been familiar with. Often we will think that we are doing this from the "new creature", from the "His Spirit within us". Has what you have been doing been fully escaped from corruption and partaking of His divine nature? Is it getting any closer to being that?

  7. Assurance of election
  8. Tangible spiritual fruit, seeing how God's processes work, putting those processes forward, hungering for the correction that will make these process work all the more makes or faith and election into the faith all the more sure. Are you seeing the kind of fruit that makes you more sure?

  9. Continual remembrance
  10. Have you been able to keep yourself in remembrance of these things? Are you with other believers that have helped keep you in remembrance? Are you being that agent of remembrance to others?

    Like Peter, after your decease will you be remembered as one that put this "like precious faith" to good use?


It is said that "faith is the evidence of things unseen, things hoped for". There is plenty of real people/real life/real faith evidence that this like precious faith has worked in others lives. What evidence do you have that this faith is working in yours?

If it is all fable, cunning or not, such evidences would not exist. For now your faith may be present, but not fruitful, not evident. You may be clinging to the things of God but going about them under your own carnal resources and power. There is a form of godliness that denies the true power thereof. It is the type of godliness we are most likely to see if asked to describe a person of Christian faith. May this exercise be a reminder to us all that there is more to faith than just hollowed out godliness.

Faith is to be applied in all areas of our lives; not just any faith mind you, but the "like precious faith" more in line with Peter's. Quicken and animated lively faith more than enough for myself and myself to help others, more than enough for the body of His believers to stand out and receive it's full calling!

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