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Layman, Evangelist, Programer, Musician

I was saved some thirty years ago after experiencing three separate drug hallucinations convincing me that I would not awake the next morning. Along with the alcohol, nightly partying, drug dealing, dropping out of High school, depression, DUI and minor theft, I was invited by the Lord through the prayers of my Grandmother and divorced mom to accept salvation by grace through Jesus.

I wish I could say that in these thirty years that I've become a mature thirty year old Christian; that would not be true. After three or four years of being on fire for Christ and meeting my wife, having our two kids, being blessed beyond measure, we experienced a church break up that left me blaming myself (whether true or not) for self indulgent fanaticism. I vowed to walk this Christian walk but, this time on my own. It didn't take long for the cares of this world and the hurt left behind for my spiritual fruit to wither.

Some twenty years later my wife and kids encouraged me to come back into fellowship. Mind you, I had not ever abandoned my faith, I simply had tried to hide it under a basket; a sin perhaps greater than all the sins before my salvation.

Since telling others my testimony, I've been surprised to hear how many other wayward believers have similar stories. And though I can never make up for the twenty three or so years I've lost, I can certainly surrender myself here on out to the obedient abiding path.

By developing and promoting pBiblx and ShepherdPup Linux, the Lord has connected me to people and organizations around the world, some of whom I have come to depend upon for wise counsel, others who have broadened my understanding and appreciation for just how vast Gods work is all over this earth. I've gained a new respect for the body of Christ as a whole, just how massive and how many different directions He has it moving. We all have a part to play.

Recently the Lord prompted me to commit myself to various street ministry. I am learning humility, sincerity, servitude, trust, perseverance, even some of the street life, so much that couldn't be learned from theory and books. Gods word has by immersion become living.

I know with all certainty that Gods hand has moved upon my life by the profound changes that he has made in me, in so many areas, in so little time. I would not have chosen the direction nor the means of myself without being gently lead by His Spirit. My joy overflows!

I know with all certainty that it is the hand of God by the way it seeks to pour through me and out into the world around me. It is warm, it is loving, it is so far beyond what I could ever imagine. It is as if my heart has become like a magnet turned right side up now, being insatiably attracted to Him. It is truly amazing.

God be praised!


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