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Christian Faith = To be blessed with a higher purpose.

Is believing in God really so crazy?

I am sure most of you have heard the KingdomMessage before...

how God's Son came to earth to die for all of our sins, came to purchase back and re-unite the believers in this torn world back to the Father from this quarantine.

Some might ask, Why?

Why would any of that be necessary? Why would I want to be a Christian? Why would I even want to believe that?

Well, for one a HigherPurpose!

There are so many things that we have been given in this life to be thankful to God for as Christians:

One could go about these days serving the god of self, the god of human logic, the god of "do it if it feels good". One could serve the god of agnosticism, the god of relativism, the god of legalism, the god of "no one knows any better than any of the rest". One could go about thinking themself around in circles. Fine.

In the end one may have been be right, but, where did being right get them? It got them no further than a hole in the ground.

Some would counter: "well where did your belief get you?". It gave me a lifetime of hope, hope of having a HigherPurpose. That hope moved me. That hope shaped me. That hope brought me a joy and comfort I found nowhere else even in the most difficult times.

So I will continue to believe in HigherPurpose... just think of it as my calling, my direction:

I will believe that God did not silently leave it all out there somewhere vacant for us to figure out on our own. And I will wholeheartedly accept this belief's generous offer to guide me through along through the process.

    Because of my belief:
  1. I thank God for the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on my behave.
  2. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind for the proving of His good and acceptable will.

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