Settling into your new Shep server.


So I am making the switch. I am pulling the plug on my previous Shepherd Pup installation ShepherdPupLinux . I'm starting out clean. So what are the types of mods that I will make as I settle in? PbiblxRccentFeatures

The first thing I like to do is "allow popup windows" in the preferences of Seamonkey that way the Java Script will open up verse text boxes when I mouse over Bible verse links in PCARR and DICT pBiblx2 pages. Much easier than clicking all those links and backing back out. FoundationsOfFaith2 dict:easton Jesus Nice!

I also prefer Opera to Seamonkey for its Email Client, Widgets and Unite features plus the smoothness of it's full screen mode and rendering during Slidy presentations. I have a portable version on flash that I use between multiple computers, otherwise I'd want to import my contact lists and bookmarks etc.. to my new fresh digs. PuppyLinux

Now maybe I'll bookmark some of my favorite Christian Shout Cast audio stations and podcasts. index:WEBLINKS RADIO index:WEBLINKS PODCAST

I also like to add a few more references and translations to pBiblx2. In the pBiblx2_Shelf folder there is an Admin Dialog for adding texts. I most like Matthew Henry's "mhcc" concise commentary, Young's' "ylt" literal translation, and for modern English the WEB. There are plenty of other public domain works immediately available. ShepherdPupDownloadBibles.html

(pBiblx2 Shelf Apps with Admin GUI)

I love to read Christian works such as the many older ones found at Christian Classics Ethereal Library and other sites index:WEBLINKS . Problem is that when I finally get to reading these, the ones with scripture references I'd like to view in pBiblx2. For that I drag the App/Convert2Pbiblx icon off the pBiblx2_Shelf onto the desktop. This scripted dialog will do most of the conversion dirty work for me.

I have some really great personal pictures that would make excellent random Slidy Show backgrounds. I drag those in from my old installation into the var/www/pbiblx2/style/img/slidy directory.

(Widget like pBiblx2 Mini Apps)

The next thing to do is just to browse around pBiblx2 as a whole and get familiar with it. There is so much underneath the hood that the guides and indexes can't cover. Perhaps try some different desktop and mini app configurations to try to get a workable flow for studying for my needs. HomeIndex PbiblxHelp PbiblxDesktops.html PbiblxDesktops2.html

Then, the reason I most wanted ShepherdPupLinux (ShepherdPupLinux ) as my everyday system is so that I can easily write Christian content in plain text as the spirit moves, add some simple but versatile wiki syntax where needed later, from that have notes that cross link and integrated with strong Bible tools and resources and can be transformed at the click of a button into project-able Slidy presentations (slidy:PbiblxHitsTheStreets ). The best way to get familiarized with the wiki like syntax is to open up the already available content in a text editor and see how simply it is all done. HelpFile UserGuide

Eventually when I get comfortable I'll what to share my pBiblx2 server; this is also done in the Admin GUI; "Share pBiblx2 Live" does the trick within my local network. There is additional documentation as to how to open the server to the outside world contained in the help files as well. PbiblxServerDns Pbiblx2CloudEdition.html

The existing wiki content is pretty good for starters, but I think that I want to rewrite some of the key pages more to my evangelical needs. I also have some previous efforts that I would like to integrate. I find that a good text editor like Geany is better for bigger projects than the simple PCARR editing interface. Comment boards and polls syntax are good things to add.

The goal of Shepherd Pup Linux (ShepherdPupLinux ) is after all to have something tangible to share with other people. That could mean printing indexes etc.. for them. It could mean pointing them to my server seed ip address. That could mean cloning/re-mastering a bootable CD copy of my current Shep. So in everything I add or modify in it, I try to think of how best this could serve others needs as well.

On top of all this, Shep contains all of the many standard applications as does Wary-5.1.2. Thousands more applications are preconfigured and installable through the System > Puppy Package Manager. Wow!

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