The context of the Bible, God correcting the religious.

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It seems that so often we look at the Bible in the context of what God has to say to unbelieving unrepentant sinners. A deeper examination of the Bible context in it's entirety however suggests the Bible has more to do with what God has to say to the unrepentant believers who proceed to do their own will in the name of His.

From Genesis through Revelation, story after story is of a either a nation of people or a universal church body of people whom continue on in the high-mindedness of what they call religion void of what religion is rather in God's eye.

For long extended periods the people are fallen far away. For brief moments in their histories God mercifully pulls them back out of their backsliden miseries.

Throughout the Bible we see God working towards the collectively, occasionally utilizing a particular judge or king or prophet or apostle to effect the group body. Individuals such as Gideon, Esther, David, Daniel, Issiah are not just stories of personal triumph via God but, more importantly group triumph of God restoring the collective into His graces by means of individuals.

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