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Is the concept of Christians rebuking Satan biblical?

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This is the list of names that I have (See the Antichrist list here as well).
index:NAMESOF_ NamesOfSatan

Here is a page of dictionary and resource quotes for Satan:
dict:all satan

and the same for Devil:
dict:all devil

rebuking the Devil:
filter:NT rebuk+AND+devil I find no evidence of anyone other than our Lord rebuking.

There is nothing in the King James about resisting the Devil or Satan I can find other than kjv@James:4:7. The question seems to be the meaning of resist G436 (as in not consenting/conforming verses directly confronting/rebuking (not even the archangel Michael was bold enough to assume that kjv@Jude:1:9 ).

dict:strongs Satan
dict:strongs Devil

Con WWW Resources:

Middle WWW Resources:

Pro WWW Resources:

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