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Word Study G5281

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G5281 @ ὑπομονή hupomonē hoop-om-on-ay' From G5278; cheerful (or hopeful) endurance constancy: - enduring patience patient continuance (waiting).

KJV Word Translations:


Have need of,

Closely related to hope, faith, receiving after doing will of, possessing own soul, keeping commandments and faith of Jesus, experience, waiting for.

To be followed after, directed into, strengthened unto, run with, learned, trying worketh.

Exemplified in ministry, apostles, persecution and tribulation, doctrine and manner, Job, fruit brought forth, Christ, Church of Ephesus, Church in Thyatira, Church of Philadelphia, saints, well doers seeking for glory/honour/imortality, scriptures, God, aged men.

Let have it's perfect work!

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