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Foundations of Faith Part 2

A Framework For Pratical Daily Christian Living

I can't begin to tell you how important this next section kjv@2Peter:1 is to building the foundations of your faith. Most certainly the previous prophetical section kjv@Isaiah:53 (see: FoundationsOfFaith1a) is all important, as it is your eternity. (It sets up this current section as well). We will call this for now Peter's "like precious faith".

There is a great many people, some that you might know, that have come to accept a more prophetical definition of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The problem often observed in so many today is their inability to bridge their faith into everyday life. This may be your sense of your situation today.

How does faith translate into fruitful knowledge?

The question really is how much does Christ Jesus mean not just to your heavenly future but, your earthly now? How much does He mean no matter where you are at in your daily situations? Enough to put these things in to place in your life and thereby become fruitful?

There is a richness and deepness and boldness one would have never imagined in the passage we are about to explore; a very practical framework from which to base all of our daily decisions and actions upon, a means of impact and fruitfulness that will endure and outlast any evil ahead of it. It is not about us devising/constructing good works for the Lord or others to admire, it is about us partaking in/acting out the new nature that has been given us, putting faith forward into every action, being an open conduit of His power and might.

There are an enormous number of bible links provided in this section for further discovery. It is probably better to browse through it first to get a sense of direction these truths are pointing and come back for the details frequently as you begin to impliment them more fully. You'll want to keep your note pad close by. This particular type of practical study never ends, understanding only comes by utilization and then correction and/or further development.

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