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At first you probably wouldn't have thought it, but, the Bible actually does have much to say about unemployment. You just have to look under the cover.

From the early childhood raising the youth wisely with the diverse skill sets knowledge and discernment to carry forward into their careers, to the unity and common daily work of the church body from which mutual acquaintances established in long term commitment/proven trust and resourcefulness, to the establishment of daily devotional and prayer habit, to the dealing with stress and anxiety and patience during times of testing, the Bible does give volumes of good godly counsel to help one prepare and successfully cross from one job to the next.

Think of this moment as a measuring stick as to how well you've implemented these spiritual matters into your life.

My favorite Bible character in this regard is the patriarch Joseph of the Old Testament. Having been sold by his brothers into slavery, having worked his way up the ladder of authority to foreman with his owner only to be imprisoned under false accusation, having worked his way up to becoming the Egyptian Secretary of State, we clearly see in Joseph the "do all things as unto the Lord" work ethic Jews and Christians alike so strive to obtain. His key as should be ours is his unshakable faith and persistence toward God.

Having heard many recent accounts from friends, having recently gone through this transition myself, I cannot help but believe that in God all things happen for our good. I wouldn't have had the guts myself to leave my job and make the leap of faith into the work I now have. Looking back now, I cannot believe that I had worked for so long at that former job so burned out and so unhappy. Though it has been tough this has truly been a blessing.

We should also be reminded of our complete dependency upon God, about everyday establishing connections to people outside of our typical realm, seeking the bonds of committed fellowship, doing your work no matter what it is as for Him. I found that most jobs are found by who you know and what you've been able to do for them in the past not necessarily what you know. Everyday should be looked as a preparation for the next (no matter what the next day will bring).

The Bible also warns us about slack, sloth, deceit, drunkenness, vanity, timid or incomplete obedience to His will. Creativeness is not always coming up with the next "big idea", it is often coming up with ways to help other people. Good solid investment is often "who" and not "what". The best place to start is often on your knees praying for the needs of others.

The problem is that most of us don't seek people and opportunities in this spiritual way. We gather around us friends and situations that are comfortable and similar to us. We remain stagnant in our clannish likeness, un-resourceful in our similarity of resource, distrusted by those of influence by our under developed connection and commitment. The Lord's desire for us as exhibited in the intents of a connected "body of believers" are much different. This intent should be carried out into our personal careers as well.

I have been told by some that "God is not in the employment business". I guess these people have never measured themselves against this spiritual measuring stick. God is very much in the employment business, just not perhaps for those that haven't prepared themselves to be employed.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for you. I do however know that the Bible has plenty to say to help guide you there!

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