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CDC Confirms First Case of Ebola in US as Patient Is Diagnosed With Deadly Virus in Texas Hospital
LINK The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Tuesday that a patient at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas became the first person in the United States to test positive for the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging multiple countries in West Africa.

'Duck Dynasty' Relative Breaks Silence After Media Frames His Sandy Hook Massacre Comments Out of Context
LINK The nephew of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson and Louisiana Republican congressional candidate Zach Dasher, cleared the air about previous reports that framed him as blaming the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre on atheism.

Second Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month to Feature Fmr. Ambassador Alan Keyes
LINK For the second consecutive year, conservative groups will be observing a month dedicated to spreading awareness of and support for those who formerly identified as homosexual. Known as ex-gay awareness month, the observance will feature events in Washington, D.C. Friday and Saturday.

Husain Abdullah Penalized for Praying in Endzone; NFL Issues Apology
LINK A Muslim NFL player was penalized after dropping to his knees and praying following a touchdown on Monday night, leading to a discussion of whether his prayer should have been penalized.

Couple Tips Overworked Waiter $100 After Slow Service; Encourages Others to 'Think of Entire Situation Before You Judge'
LINK Makenzie and Steven Schultz's act of kindness towards a waiter has gone viral and inspired others to perform random acts of kindness.

Atheist Groups Threaten Lawsuit Against Georgia High School Over Bible Verses on Football Statue
LINK A Washington, D.C.-based secular organization has sent a complaint to a Georgia school district over its high school having a stone statue that has religious statements including Bible verses listed on it.

Lil' Kim Reveals How Prophecy, Prayer Revealed Pregnancy
LINK Lil' Kim, the rapper who was born as Kimberly Jones, is letting it be known that she believes in the power of prayer and prophecy.

Lousiana Restaurant Offers Discount for Gun-Toting Customers
LINK A restaurant in Louisiana is making headlines for offering a 10 percent discount to customers carrying a gun.

'This Is Not Alton,' Mother of Muslim Beheading Suspect Apologizes to Families of Victims, Says He Was Raised Christian
LINK The mother of Oklahoma Muslim Beheading suspect, Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, recently apologized to the families of the victims he allegedly beheaded and stabbed after he was fired last Thursday, and said what he did was out of character as he was raised Christian.

Hannah Graham Suspect Jesse Matthew Linked to Rape, Murder of Another Student
LINK Jesse Matthew, the man charged in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, has reportedly been forensically linked to the 2009 disappearance of 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, Morgan Harrington.

The Media Is Clueless About Sex, Says Values Voter Panel
LINK While books, movies and the Internet portray men and women as being consumed by sex, conservatives say evidence shows a growing interest in abstinence among young adults.

Neil deGrasse Tyson (Sort of) Admits to Misquoting George W. Bush and Agrees to (Someday) Apologize for It
LINK After first denying the charge, famed scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson admitted, in a way, that he misquoted former President George W. Bush and will apologize for the mistake at some point in the future.

Amy's Baking Company Owners Under Fire After Chasing Away Customer; Incident Caught on Tape
LINK The stars of "Kitchen Nightmares" have made headlines again after allegedly threatening a customer, with the whole ordeal caught on tape.

Blogger Pulls Anti-Islam Ads Showing James Foley in NYC
LINK Blogger Pamela Geller is pulling ads she was to run in New York City's transit system featuring James Foley with the masked militant who killed him due to objections made by the slain journalist's family, religious leaders and officials.

Jessa Duggar Instagram Post Equating Holocaust and Abortion Causes Stir
LINK Jessa Duggar has caused a stir by posting a statement linking the Holocaust with abortion and using the post to promote her pro-life beliefs.

Muslim Convert to Be Charged for Beheading Oklahoma Woman
LINK An Oklahoma man, who allegedly beheaded a former co-worker and stabbed another at a food processing plant before being shot and arrested, will be charged Monday with first-degree murder and assault and battery with a deadly weapon, police said.

Minors Among Wounded at Florida Nightclub Shooting
LINK At least 15 people, including children and teenagers, were injured at a shooting in a nightclub in Miami, Florida. Police are investigating why minors were present at the club.

Mother Thanked God Before Being Killed by Woman Wanting Her Newborn
LINK The murdered mother of two children reportedly thanked God for a surprise blessing before being shot and killed by a woman who wanted the children for herself.

Meriam Ibrahim Encourages Naghmeh Abedini to Stay Strong for Her Children
LINK Meriam Ibrahim encouraged Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini, with stories about caring for her children Martin and Maya.

FBI Investigates Beheading of Oklahoma Woman by Muslim Convert Alton Nolen
LINK A man who was fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma allegedly beheaded one fomer co-worker and stabbed another before he was shot and taken into custody by police Thursday.

News from Christian News Wire

Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

Majed El Shafie to Testify Before Parliament of Canada; Featured on VisionTV's Human Rights Week
LINK Contact: Brian Mayes, 615-771-2040, brian@nashvillepublicity.com

Black Conservative Summit in Wash DC on Sept 25th -- Advancing Conservative Principles and Stemming the Liberal Tide: A Matter of Faith, Race and Politics
LINK The 2014 BCS event will be held at Hillsdale College's Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship; Evening Reception at the Heritage Foundation with Former U.S Senator Jim DeMintContact: Lonnie Poindexter, Freedom's Journal Institute (FJI), 916-752-6392, lpoindexter@freedomsjournalinstitute.org; Larry Jacobs, World Congress of Families, 815-222-2490, media@worldcongress.org WASHINGTON, Sept. 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 2014 Black C Source: World Congress of Families

Omaha Attorneys Raise Awareness and Support for Life, Family and Religious Liberty
LINK Thomas More Society-Omaha Hosts 5th Annual Fundraiser Banquet

Christian Genocide Must End
LINK Contact: The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org

Black Conservative Summit Leadership Initiative is Designated a World Congress of Families Special Event
LINK Freedom's Journal Institute Hosts Event on September 25th in Washington, DC at The Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship

President Obama Misleads the American Public and Betrays Our Fundamental Principles of Human Rights and Religious Freedom in His Speech Last Night
LINK He also treats women like the NFL by failing to address their unique situation regarding violence, rape and targeting by ISILContact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741WASHINGTON, Sept. 11, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In his speech discussing his plan for dealing with ISIL, President Obama says, "and the vast majority of ISIL's victims have been Muslim." This is simply not true.The President then went on to say, "And it is America that is helping Muslim  Source: Christian Defense Coalition

Governor Pence Addresses President Obama's Coming Speech Regarding ISIS at 2014 Radio Show
LINK Contact: Kara Brooks, 317-232-1622, kbrooks@gov.in.gov

Public Donations Add $1 Million to Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee Relief Fund
LINK Fund Now at $2 Million as Knights Continue to Seek to Aid Those Persecuted in Iraq Contact: Joe Cullen, 203-800-4923, joseph.cullen@kofc.org; Andrew Walther, 203-752-4253, Andrew.walther@kofc.org; both with Knights of Columbus  NEW HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 10, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In just over three weeks, the Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee Relief initiative has raised more than $1 million in public donations for those suffering persecution in Iraq and the surrounding re Source: Knights of Columbus

Is Jesus Allowed in School? Advocates for Faith & Freedom Files Suit
LINK Contact: Victor Bermudez or Lori Sanada; both with Advocates for Faith & Freedom, 888-588-6888

Statement Regarding 'Large Families - The Future of Humanity' International Forum in Moscow, September 10-11
LINK Contact: Larry Jacobs, 815-222-2490, media@worldcongress.org

Patriarchs, Human Rights Activists to Hold Press Conference to Open In Defense of Christians Summit

Washington Summit to Call Attention to Plight of Christians in the Middle East
LINK Historic Gathering Will Feature Patriarchs from Middle East, Lawmakers and International Human Rights ActivistsContact: Joseph Cella, In Defense of Christians, 703-286-9677, joseph@indefenseofchristians.org WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The deteriorating situation facing millions of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East will be the focus of a bipartisan and ecumenical conference in the nation's capital next month.  The three-day event sponsor Source: In Defense of Christians

Monday, September 8th, 9 a.m. - Eighth Circuit to Hear Missouri Legislator's Challenge to HHS Abortion Pill Mandate
LINK Thomas More Society to Conduct Oral Arguments for State Rep. Paul Wieland and Family

Dallas Area Christians to Stand Up in Support of Christians Persecuted in Iraq
LINK Contact: Pastor Stephen E. Broden, 214-394-0098; facebook.com/DFWrallyforpersecutedChristians DALLAS, Sept. 4, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christians in North Texas will gather on Sunday September 14th at Dallas City Hall Plaza; at 4:30 pm, for a rally to show their support for humanitarian relief for persecuted Christians in Iraq and other Muslim nations.  A press conference will be held prior to the rally on Wednesday, September 10.

Life Legal Defense Foundation Takes on Federal Government, Healthcare and Abortion Industries
LINK Nonprofit Law Firm Celebrates 25 Years of Defending Life

Christian Students Witness Radicalization of Children on the Temple Mount
LINK "We will liberate Palestine with our blood and our flesh"

One Free World International Announces Successful Delegation to the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq
LINK Contact: Brian Mayes, 615-771-2040

Faith Community and Leaders to Hold White House Candlelight and Prayer Vigil in Support of the Women of Iraq -- Saturday at 8 PM
LINK Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition, 540-538-4741

World Congress of Families Announces Postponement of Regional Event in Melbourne Amid Threats of Violence and Vandalism
LINK Pro-Family Group, a Recipient of International Peace Award, Targeted by Sexual ExtremistsContact: World Congress of Families, 815-222-2490, media@worldcongress.org; Communications Director, 508-405-1337, dfeder@worldcongress.org ROCKFORD, Ill., Aug. 29, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs announced the postponement of the WCF regional event in Melbourne.  Endeavour Forum will be the convener of the "Life, Family, and Fre Source: World Congress of Families

New Book Warns of Evangelical Left Influence on Millennials
LINK "If U.S. evangelicals disengage from the public square and fail to engage the rising generation, then we risk losing our public voice, then our religious liberty, and then liberty altogether." -- Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Action Director

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