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Recent feature additions and changes.

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    Recent additions:
  1. 2.0.9 Re-configured single verse bible links default to a parallel strkjv-tsk view with extras.
  2. 2.0.9 Comment boards placed on all bible and pcarr pages.
  3. 2.0.9 Apps mechanism istalled for user contributed extensions (see home:MyApps )
  4. Journal Entries: 4July2015
  5. 2.0.9 rudimentry Apps being developed such as journal:MyJournal home:MyCalendar
  6. 2.0.9 Menubar condensed, wikitool and bibletool menuing added.
  7. 2.0.9 Css themes reduced and reworked. Default css and bible version is admin set in config.
  8. 2.0.9 cgi scripts adapted to determine root directory for portable pBiblx2 installations.
  9. 2.0.8 Experimenting with a portable flash drive version of pBiblx2
  10. 2.0.8 Bug cleanup and old script code eliminations.
  11. 2.0.8 Conversion to cgi extensions.
  12. 2.0.9 Admin level switching added for Google Translate, Pop up verses, Facebook Like in config file.
  13. 2.0.7 Wiki based comment mechanism added to pcarr and bible.
  14. 2.0.7 Clean up of Strkjv and Geneva display

    Previous addition Highlights:
  1. Random quote place holder - rq
  2. kjv@Psalms:119:103 @ How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

  3. Quiz placerholder
  4. Question #1:
    This is a quiz? True False
  5. Poll placeholder
  6. Poll #2:
    Don't you just love polls? Depends Often Not
  7. Switchable Desktop themes (See: PbiblxDesktops.html )
  8. Boolean string searches filter:NT joy AND peace filter:NT joy NOT peace filter:NT joy OR peace
  9. Revised Password system for Comment and Edit (see: home:UserContribution )

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