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Introductory notes on the PCARR Daily Application thread on Issues.

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Each of us during the course of our lives will face certain critical cross roads, major life issues where what we think, what we believe, how we respond will be thoroughly tested under fire. Our continuing course may be permanently altered or disrupted.

As Christians we have each been in the unenviable position of having start acting upon our faith for the very first time. Perhaps you are now at this point.

I know from experience that what is most awkward about this first effort of trusting God isn't that we do not believe, it is that we find ourselves in this stepping out moment without having done any of the preliminary preparations that normally would be done by more mature believers.

It is extremely awkward for instance falling to our knees in prayer when we haven't gone to Him in prayer throughout all the steps that have lead up to this crises. Awkward that we are relying on the counsel of Pastors and Counselors that we haven't invested previous time and experience with in the past. Awkward that we've until now surrounded ourselves with friends who will tell us whatever advice we lead them to tell us. Awkward hastily searching for the context of a Bible verse or topic not knowing anything about the remainder of the Bible in which they dwell.

The Bible you see is not just one answer in times of trouble it is many answers that are developed and integrated into our lives so that when these times of importance come (and they will) steps will have already been taken, resources will have already been opened, relationships already trusted. Some would call this preparation religion, I would call it wisdom.

But, we all have to start wisdom somewhere. Typically, these starting points are during times and issues of extreme crises; that is just human nature.

The resources we hope to provide for you here are intended to get you started more quickly during your time of crises. It is hoped however that you will return to the Bible and the Faith or Wisdom soon in a much broader (less urgent) context in order to prepare for the next issue or event.

Even when we are not going through a particular issue currently ourselves others around us are. It is up to us to continue in preparation for them as well.

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