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Personal Destructive Traits Introduction


The concept is rather simple when you understand the layout. There is a beautiful consistency found in the way that the Bible deals with the host of personal destructive traits; it deals with the entire lot as a whole.

The same remedy for eternal salvation is the same remedy for destructive anger. The same remedy for salvation is the same remedy for sanctification is the same remedy for destructive addiction. The same remedy for salvation, sanctification and atonement is the same remedy for destructive stress and anxiety. You get the idea... the same is the same is the same.

I propose that if the biblical remedy for each is the same then the biblical cause of each is the same. If you are new to this line of thought I hope that you will read through before you dispense with it.

How is this biblical consistency possible?

Now, I do not wish to present myself as a clinical expert here in regards to any of these traits, I simply wish to present to you these traits in the light of a much broader Biblical context, a light that makes for simple and consistent practical application throughout. I also wish to provide you with the scriptural references and resources to support your efforts.

    Let me summarize:
  1. What is at issue in every single trait is the mind's image of God; what the image will allow one to do or not to do. Correct the image as a whole and you correct the destructive root entity as a whole. (That is not the simple part).
  2. The reprobate mind cannot solve the cause on it's own because it is bound to the reprobate desires of the deceptive heart. Neither reprobate intellect nor reprobate reasoning can rectify or institute recovery. Other than by God's revelation of Himself all human effort is vanity.
  3. In Jesus Christ we have the complete non-reprobate form of deliverance, the accurate reflection of the image of God the Father, the full payment for the remission of sins, the implanting and development of a new spiritual creature, the infusion of the nurturing Holy Spirit.
  4. The correct spiritual process is an all in or all out proposition. (That's the simple part).

The task at hand is to convince you that each one of these personal traits reside concurrently in some shape and dimension in each one us individually, that we are merely containers attempting to contain these traits as best we can. This entity that boils within us, occasionally spilling over in various destructive traits, are the further evidences of a larger all encompassing entity that binds us together as a race literally to a universal reprobate self.

The following discourses read more like a exploratory map than a book or article. Find the discourses that are of most interest to you and within each discourse you will find a evolving multitude of links intended for you to follow to your curiosity's satisfaction. Each discourse will appear to be similar to the next as I will try to remind you by format of the consistency of the fuller Biblical context.

We will begin with a further examination of destructive personal traits in this context.

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