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good benefit well

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Quoted resource: strongs 'G18'


G14 @ ἀγαθοεργέω agathoergeō ag-ath-er-gheh'-o From G18 and G2041; to work good: - do good.

G17 @ ἀγαθοποιός agathopoios ag-ath-op-oy-os' From G18 and G4160; a well-doer that is virtuous: - them that do well.

G18 @ ἀγαθός agathos ag-ath-os' A primary word; good (in any sense often as noun): - benefit good (-s things) well. Compare G2570.

G19 @ ἀγαθωσύνη agathōsunē ag-ath-o-soo'-nay From G18; goodness that is virtue or beneficence: - goodness.

G2570 @ καλός kalos kal-os' Of uncertain affinity; properly beautiful but chiefly (figuratively) good (literally or morally) that is valuable or virtuous (for appearance or use and thus distinguished from G18 which is properly intrinsic): - X better fair good (-ly) honest meet well worthy.

G5358 @ φιλάγαθος philagathos fil-ag'-ath-os From G5384 and G18; fond of good that is a promoter of virtue: - love of good men.

G957 @ βελτίον beltion bel-tee'-on Neuter of a compound of a derivative of G906 (used for the compound of G18); better: - very well.

G18 agathos good/benefit/well

As used by Jesus filter:JESUSQUOTES G18+
kjv@Luke:6:45 - good that brings forth kjv@Luke:8:15
kjv@Luke:8:8 - sprang up and bare
kjv@Luke:12:18 - bestowed fruit and goods
kjv@Luke:12:19 - stored up
kjv@Luke:16:25 - recieved good things
kjv@Luke:19:17 - good servant faithful with little given much
kjv@Luke:19:17 - sun/rain over good and evil

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