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The immediate and absolute lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives.

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Addiction, alcholism, anger, disobedience, marital infidelity, divorce, abuse, neglect, lying, cheating, pornography, immorality, you name it... do Christians today differ from the world?

Why is there such a disconnect bettween what the bible says and the way Christians live?

How is it so many believers can hold salvation in their back pocket like a insurance policy for the future and ofcourse rely upon His forgiveness...

..yet still not allow His power to show through into their here and now life today?

The answer: Our submission to His Lordship!

Where do you stand in regards to the Lordship of Jesus in your life?

Can we say that we've fufilled any of these verticle commands without having submitted our entirity to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Can we serve two masters? kjv@Romans:6:16

    Ask yourself:
  1. A man's addiction craves a fix - Does this man love the Lord with all his heart/soul/mind/strength?
  2. An ex-cons temper gets him back in trouble - Does this man bow to and serve a different god?
  3. A married woman's infedelity with a coworker, a husbands abuse, a parents neglect, a neighbors lying, a sluggard's fruitlessness - Are any of these believers fully submitted to the Lordship of Christ?

Please don't get me wrong, I am not excusing my own self, but, how are we as Christians any different than anyone else? Surely, if we know what it means "Jesus is my Lord", and we know that is supposed to be the case, and we proclaim to others that this is the case, and yet we never submitt ourselves to His Lordship; then brothers we are all surely worst off. kjv@Mark:7:6

Think about how many times in Jesus's parables and stories he illustrated his point with a lord traveling far away or a lord calling servants to settle debts or such PBFILTER@NT-GOSPEL@lord.

Can there then be any doubt to absolute importance of Christ's Lordship being included into the GospelMessage? None of us may want to face up to this fact but, as believers in Christ we each need to examine this essential state of submission ever so frequently.

The message of ImmediateAbsoluteLordship and our un-yielding submission to it is equally important to the GospelMessage as Repentence Grace and Salvation. It often seems to be the most over looked! (wonder why that would be?)

Please ask yourself:
"in what areas of my life is Jesus not the Lord"?

May God bless your honesty!

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