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A exhortation to love is one thing but, to abhor as well?

kjv@Romans:12:9 @ Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.


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Some related word study to prep:

Love and Hypocrisy

There is only one other place that I can find filter:NONE love AND hypocrit , Jesus talking about faulty religious service.

Now there is a similar verse kjv@1Timothy:1:5 where charity out of a pure heart and faith unfeigned are stated to be the end of the commandment.

The "Agape" love spoken here doesnot appear to be self generated, it comes from God and is of God. The agape we recieve from Him is the agape we bestow upon others. To diconnect God from the agape is to generate our own form of love, one riddled with hypocrisy. nAgapeLove

nAnupokritosHypocrisy Jesus spoke often in similar words G5272 G5273 about hypocricy filter:JESUSQUOTES hypocri most always in regard to religious service, fasting/tithing/cleansing/praying/outward appearence/crtisism etc...

Abhor and evil

I find a few occurances of filter:NONE abhor AND evil or filter:NONE hate evil in the Bible.

    It should be noted in particular that:
  1. kjv@Proverbs:8:13 - the fear of Lord is to hate evil
  2. kjv@Psalms:97:10 - ye that love: hate evil
  3. kjv@Psalms:36:1-4 - (transgression of wicked) does not abhor evil

Though the two sentences are found side by side in this verse, I feel that the two meanings are one. This is not our love afterall being exhorted; it is His.

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G655 apostugeĊ nPonerosEvil nAgathosGood G2853 kollaĊ
dict:naves HYPOCRISY dict:torrey HYPOCRISY G5273 filter:NT-GOSPEL hypocri .


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