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Marriage and the Like Precious Faith

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Marriage is a perfect place for us to observe the workings of the like precious faith as each of us have an experience with it in some form either as participants or as casualties. Even children have a keen awareness of it's health and stability or lack. If you are not married I would still say it would be of great benefit to you to read through this toward better applying the principals of the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith series into your daily walk.

For those of you that are married or considering such, it should first be said that the "like precious faith" (two as one in faith) would be a most desirable position to begin from, but that is rarely the case. Individuals come to the faith at different times and often times their reasonings and purposes for the faith simply differ. A bad marriage can obviously move one member closer to their faith and the other out the back door of theirs.

It is a most fascinating study to say the least as it deals with the affections and trusts, desires and intentions and expectations of our souls striving for a unity to another soul within our mutual fallen nature attempting it's hand at a righteous God ordained institution.

We will examine marriage then from a crippled position so as to see the better functioning of the like precious faith.

Application 1

Again, we always start from the baseline perception of the couple's perception of the righteousness of God beginning at each individual.

The relevance of marriage in today's society is not being broken by a weakness in the righteous design of God's institution, it is broken by man's perception of God's righteousness first and foremost and therefore of His institutions.

Even with inflamed Christian marriages there can be a distortion or disfigurement of where the righteousness of God Father and Son fits both into the individual's and the couple's equation. The lies, the secrets, the hostile words, the combative outbursts, the wandering eye all are allowances we permit ourselves by the lack of conviction toward God's righteousness.

The problem typically with this perception is not so much that they do not think that God doesn't want them to see it through, it is more that He may have left it up to their own determination and resource to pull themselves out. Lacking/exhausting their own resource produces a sudden sometimes insurmountable absence of determination and a steep corresponding increase in blame. They feel sorry that they let God down and at the same time confused as to why He didn't buttress up their own personal resource. Well He is not into buttressing up corrupted fleshly resource.

The focus must begin with the couple applying their like precious faiths toward the establishing of what (if not that) the righteousness of God is willing to do. That means a strong concentrated diet of righteousness verses. It is most important because it is this righteousness that better defines the compassion and mercy and actual provision that we until now have nebulously sought.

Much of what we will later explore is based upon what God's divine power "hath" already given. If what He has given us is not applied by us from the start what is the use of us asking Him for something outside of that later?

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