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1. As in Unified - Coordinated

Picture if you will the modern Church laid out upon the tactical combat map at command central.

The concept of "Field Wise" refers not only to the commanders battle plan as a whole, but, also to troops as a whole to individually understand the plan and effectively act upon it, the coordination of all tactical elements into one swift agile force; wisdom as judged by its overall field results.

In all scripture we see the unfailing and completely unified coordination unity between God the Father, the Spirit and the Son. (see kjv@John:17:21)

In all scripture we see the Church, the very bride of Christ, being both powerful and victorious when brought under this blessed union of complete coordination. Sadly, we see as well the utter failing of the Church throughout scripture when this principal is abandoned.

2. As in Battle Ready

"Field Wise" also has the sense of being battle tested, battle hardened, battle worthy. Where there is the theoretical - this should work or this should be true, there is also the experienced - this worked for me here and here therefore an adaption of this will work here and now.

Most of the enlisted Christian soldiers today are not in the fight. They have not been tested nor proved. Their enlistment is essentially for a prosperity and blessing within their own personal walk and ambition. They have not risen up through the ranks by devout field merit. The majority of Christian resources today are geared towards their insatiable hunger - consumerism.

Tools and techniques, communication and supply chains must be established immediately for the truly engaged warrior providing the items needed for the fight, nothing more, nothing less. Quickly relaying ground intel, what has worked, what has failed, what can be adapted, is of vital importance.

3. As in being aware of larger picture

The field of operations is much larger than any one man or group of men can adequately keep track of.

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