pBiblx2 Barebones Version

The pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System was developed as a public domain/publicly accessible bible content CGI that could easily be used for both personal and larger evangelistic Internet study and work. Many local implementations of this CGI (seeds) have been planted to date via either ShepherdPupLinux, which is a complete self contained pre-configured Linux OS distribution freely distributable on LIVECD, or via the pBiblx2 barebones gz package that can be added to any existing Perl CGI compliant web server. Work is also being done on a ShepherdPI distribution that makes the inexpensive popular Raspberry PI single board computer into a full blown pBiblx2 server as well.

pBiblx2 Barebones is comprised of the full CGI, but that minimizes the content included to a basic structure for you to add your own content on to with ease. Content generation is simplified by a wiki like syntax that ties together a great many system resources without needing any knowledge of HTML or Perl. Installation instructions are included in the package and further resources developing at the ShepherdPupLinux main site.

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