Public Domain Issues and the Church

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There is a strong spiritual reason for not continuing to feed the modern church's addiction to copyrighted and proprietary resources; namely that these resources are not man's they are God's. The average christian would barely know the number of times during the day that proprietary and copy restricted resources are being used in their personal christian walk and ministerial practice; the number would be nearly exclusive. The ideal of "freely you have received/freely then you shall give others" is constantly being compromised if not completely ignored in this regard.

Be it bible translations/bible indexes and study aides/christian blogs and articles/christian bible and office software/computer and server operating systems etc..., Christians today have not only the opportunity but so too the responsibility to utilize and promote free and open resources at every chance appropriate. Add to this many Christians also have the talent to add to and contribute and thus gain influence to these cooperative endeavors world wide. Individual Christian's choice is one thing, for a church body or denomination to officially lock the engaged masses into such closed source practices is entirely another issue.

Bible Translations

Certainly, there is something to be said about a translation of old that the blood of our spiritual forefathers have shed their own blood over getting into our hands here today. Church history is overflowing with the accounts of these editions that if by man's consent were never suppose to be brought public, but by God's grace and these few precious souls devotion and sacrifice became the written pillars of our present and like precious faith. Compare this birthing to the birthing of the modern book publisher's translation and you will find that precious blood has been replaced by the protection of investment and foreseeable profit margin. "It's easier to read", "Has our favorite pastor's study notes", is that what makes for a good bible translation? "We know so much more nowadays about the original language", oh? Who says? The publisher selling you it?

What is it that says that a good modern language adaptation of these these pillar works can only be accomplished by publishers with financial interest and not the Christian open source community. Who is to say that that open source work does not already exist or is near to exist requiring just one well supported collaborative push?


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