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by RandyP

pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System

ShepherdPupLinux GPL3 2015

This Users-Guide is intended to acquaint new users to the driving concepts behind PCARR and familiarize frequent users to the ministerial and evangelical possibilities behind the technologies utilized herein.

Additional information can be found at the pBiblx user forums and at the ShepherdPup Linux home site athttp://shepherdpuplinux.us

This documentation is constantly developing thanks to the contributions of PCARR users.
(This presentation itself is a simple text wiki page)

I. Introduction

The concept of a Christian Wiki is not new [see BibleWikis]. A true Wiki typically hosts user contributed encyclopedic content.

Users can collaborate with one another, contribute and edit each others content, collectively producing a useful knowledge base.

Pages are written in plain text. Simple text formatting syntax can be added. The Wiki takes care of the formatting and general overhead.

Contributed pages are automatically cross linked and referenced to other relative pages and all are easily searched.

This PCARR Wiki implementation differs in that it seeks to document the practical day to day knowledge of God's Word applied toward our outreach to others.

Think of it as a communal "Christian Outreach HOWTO" Wiki.

Study and notes and tags and references and resources come to life

II. Collaboration

    There are many helpful ways for you to contribute:
  1. Proof reading and spell-grammar checking.
  2. Composing content or stubs for future content.
  3. Adding references, internal and external links to existing content.
  4. Commenting with personal experiences.
  5. Translation into other languages.

In everything, we ask that all contributions be prayerfully considered, thoughtful of all levels of ability and readership, encouraging, and spoken from direct experience. This effort should not become a substitute for real life face to face outreach.

So you can see that there are plenty of ways for you to become involved!

III. Format

A hierarchy should exist from general headings down to specific topics.

  • The Contents Page contains the top level headings to avoid clutter.
  • This file contains links to the next level where topic range begins to spread out.
  • These secondary topics are usually determined by the system administrator and contain links to more specific user contributed topics.

  • Content can be just plain text with or without formatting syntax. The important thing is to capture the initial thought. You or someone else can always go back and provide format syntax. The specific simple rules of syntax are found in the HelpFile.