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Leading by Christs' example. Leading in a way leaders without Christ cannot.

What a leader is in the world view often differs from what Jesus' view for His disciples is. There is something being a servant/ambassador of Jesus brings to the table that no other teaching or discipline can manufacture. There are a great many scriptural references as to what the difference is meant to be. It is up to us to find and walk within that difference.

BookOf1Timothy BookOf2Timothy BookOfTitus are each considered pastoral epistles. The concepts and doctrines contained in them along with the BookOfActs are required material for any type of Christian leadership. Many scholars also consider BookOfNehemiah and the BookOfEzra as well as BookOfJoshua and BookOfProverbs indispensable courseware too.

Leadership is not just for pastors, but a true pastor must first be a true biblical leader. We all then are called to be servant/leaders whether it be at work or family or within our communities/congregations.

Let us share our growth in these extraordinary things!

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