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Escape the Corruption in this World by Lust

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kjv@2Peter:1:4 @ ...having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

We need to add into our present consideration of the world's all consuming corruption and the position or proximity of the "like precious" believer to either contrasting extreme. It would be one thing to say that each believer is a new creature in Christ and has escaped the corruption; he/she is in the corruption but not of the corruption. Yet often we see the observable signs of the same corruption gnawing at their marriages, their addiction recoveries, their angers/rages/hostilities/impulses/compulsions/unforgiveness, sanity overwhelming depressions, etc..

Is this to mean that they are not new creatures? or does it mean that they have yet to be transformed by the renewing of their mind? not weaned from the milk of the word to the meat of it? Or can it mean both that ultimately in spiritual terms they are indeed new creatures escaped from the world's final corruption and yet in practical daily terms they need to empty out their former selves and get on with the partaking of new?

Contextual Anchors

Note: There is an overwhelming amount of scripture needing to be provided here, so where appropriate key foundations have been broken off into digestible pieces. It will become more and more important to keep coming back to these foundations and explore each morsel's greater depth and individual context as they will become the fuel that ignites true spiritual productivity. These pieces then can be used as element specific study/meditation tools.

1. Corruption in this world

Quoted resource: strongs 'G5356'

G5356 @ φθορά phthora fthor-ah' From G5351; decay that is ruin (spontaneous or inflicted literally or figuratively): - corruption destroy perish.

(see: Word study PhthoraCorruption or slidy:PhthoraCorruption )

2. By Lust

Quoted resource: strongs 'G1939'

G1939 @ ἐπιθυμία epithumia ep-ee-thoo-mee'-ah From G1937; a longing (especially for what is forbidden): - concupiscence desire lust (after).

(see: Word study EpithumiaLust or slidy:EpithumiaLust )

3. Escape

Quoted resource: strongs 'G668'

G668 @ ἀποφεύγω apopheugō ap-of-yoo'-go From G575 and G5343; (figuratively) to escape: - escape.

Doctrinal Context: Sin

(See: Topical study TorreySin or slidy:TorreySin )

Doctrinal Context: Redemption

(See: Topical study TorreyRedemption or slidy:TorreyRedemption )

Practical Aspects

  1. VirtuousFaith - The carnal mind is at enmity with the true divine nature and expressed will/promise of God; it desires or lusts after something other presumably of/for it's own. This mind has not the faith nor the virtue obtained through the righteousness of God and Savior, nor will it wish to pursue it. No amount of self determination or self imposed virtue is enough to position the carnal into a "like precious" nature until the enmity is fully dealt with and put aside (because it is the self itself that is at main issue).
  2. KnowledgeableVirtue - God is prepared to set the wisdom of mankind to naught; it is as foolish to HIM as the reprobates say HIS wisdom is to them. There is also the plight expected of the simple minded who sought not the fear of the LORD. In many cases it was for cowardly fear of what their simple minded peers would think of a true God fearing man. In many more cases it was the overwhelming fear of the mere concept of death itself that ruled over them rather than the fear of our living God and future keeping them simple. Fear in either direction goes many ways towards the position one will end up durring this coming time of naught. And if there be any room to glory it will be in Christ solely.
  3. TemperateKnowledge - God looked down from heaven and saw the thoughts of man that they were only continually evil/vain. If all man's thoughts are only vain, a thought that is not vain is most unlikely to emerge from any man (all men). How then is a man or woman to find a substantial spiritual answer if the answers that he/she is searching from are nothing more than the vain thoughts of themselves others?
  4. PatientTemperance - Patience is a work of God brought about most often by one's hope-filled and faithfully executed endurance through hardships. Left to his own capacity man typically responds by compulsions of fight or flight else complaint which is not the same as temperance.
  5. GodlyPatience - Most carnal forms of godliness operate as a reward for one having done something right or having kept one's self from doing something wrong, else as an entitlement just for being who one is. If one is having to be patient by this logic it is because one is not being duly recognized for having done or been such (or so it thinks).
  6. BrotherlyGodliness - Carnality tends either to seek it's own advantage in a benevolence or else it's least cost. How that is brotherly or godly defies explanation.
  7. AgapeBrotherliness - "Without charity" it is stated these other religiosites are but "clanging cymbals". The charity most essential to this understanding is the charity of which God shed for us.

Corruption is not as simple to define as sin or death or false belief, neither can lust be explained as sexual impulse. It can be a difficult to pin point as under estimating the size and scope of a problem, the compartmentalization of your your problems from theirs, the insufficiency of half answers and poor implementations and unsustainable intentions. Corruption might be keeping one's self ignorant of the further need for the meat of God's word or the discomforted rejection of putting God's word further into place. It can be knowing the influence God wishes to have upon your life and yet settling for the commonness of not wanting to stand too far outside of the crowd. Corruption essentially is something/someone being in a state of decay.

When it comes to our own assorted directions and decisions there are only two ultimate directions to go, one the direction all man has gone and will go, two the direction only God Himself in utter and undeserved mercy can take him. The last thing the natural man desires is to go the direction only God can take him, he is at complete enmity as if born feral abject with the very notion. Yes he wants God to free him from this ultimate death, but no he does not want to be proven anything other than wise by his own power/resource or else utterly rebellious to God's forsaking him anything as wise as he sees himself as being.

In a very practical and daily sense our decisions follow the same strongly entrenched determining lines; even as believers. We are willing to steal away morsels from the daily scrap heap, but not to enter the house and partake of the masters excellent feast.

For how long will this self imposed condition be?

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