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Simon Peter

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Contextual Anchors - Simon Peter

Note: There is an overwhelming amount of scripture needing to be provided here, so where appropriate key foundations have been broken off into digestible pieces. It will become more and more important to keep coming back to these foundations and explore each morsel's greater depth and individual context as they will become the fuel that ignites true spiritual productivity. These pieces then can be used as element specific study/meditation tools.

Before being a disciple:

Having become a disciple:

Having received the Holy Spirit:

Doctrinal Context: Regeneration

(see: Topical study TorreyNewBirth or slidy:TorreyNewBirth )

  • The corruption of human nature requires
  • None can enter heaven without
  • Effected by God
  • Effected by Christ
  • Effected by The Holy Spirit
  • Through the instrumentality of The word of God
  • Through the instrumentality of The resurrection of Christ
  • Through the instrumentality of The ministry of the gospel
  • Is of the will of God
  • Is of the mercy of God
  • Is for the glory of God
  • Described as A new creation
  • Described as Newness of life
  • Described as A spiritual resurrection
  • Described as A new heart
  • Described as A new spirit
  • Described as Putting on the new man
  • Described as The inward man
  • Described as Circumcision of the heart
  • Described as Partaking of the divine nature
  • The washing of regeneration
  • All saints partake of
  • Produces Likeness to God
  • Produces Likeness to Christ
  • Produces Knowledge of God
  • Produces Hatred of sin
  • Produces Victory over the world
  • Produces Delight in God's law
  • Evidenced by Faith in Christ
  • Evidenced by Brotherly love
  • Connected with adoption
  • The ignorant cavil at
  • Manner of effecting - Illustrated

  • Practical Aspects

    Our immediate task in this series is to take each of the key elements identified in the introductory statement of FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithEssentials and to begin anchoring scriptural context on each in order to get to the deeper biblical understanding of the whole. On the topic of SimonPeter we find a considerable amount of context to glean from both when he was personally discipled by Jesus and also after Jesus when he then was lead by the Holy Spirit.

      We could for instance consider there are essentially three phases a person can be in:
    1. A phase before meeting with Jesus operating exclusively from the natural mind.
    2. A phase during our discipleship with Jesus still operating exclusively from the natural mind but wanting and planning to please the Lord.
    3. A phase of discipleship with Jesus having now received the Holy Spirit operating from a regenerate spiritual mind and the leading of Spirit.

    And for this exercise we think of these phases in terms of what counsel Peter would be able to receive and what counsel he would be capable of giving. It just as important for us to know which of these three phases we are operating from as it is knowing what phase the person counseling us is in. It is equally important to know to whom we are giving counsel to and the phase that they are operating in as it is essentially telling us what type of counsel they are capable of receiving.

    Watching Jesus during this second phase of Peter's discipleship is enlightening. He is having Peter work alongside of Him and as they move forward Jesus is planting seeds in him for later when the Spirit can germinate and grow them. Peter makes out of it what he is able to make out of, he intends well, he thinks that he understands it all. What though does he really understand? What he thinks that he understands in the end of this phase he will have to be broken and emptied of. Jesus however remains steady and patient with an occasional mention of the obvious. There are a few concepts identified in this time that Jesus was looking for in him, signs of the Holy Spirit's revelation to Peter of Jesus' divine identity (not revealed by flesh and blood).

    Jesus told these Peter and these other disciples that it was to their advantage that He go back to the Father so that He could then send them the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit then that was going to teach and instruct and put in remembrance all things, that would guide and declare and unveil and correct, that would convict and reprove. Think of the difference in what Peter (and therefore we of "like precious" equal standing) can now receive and give by the Holy Spirit that we could not receive and give by the natural mind.

      The practical lessons might very well be:
    1. to know the person from whom you are seeking counsel as to their state of regeneration
    2. to seek the counsel of those observed to be lead of the Holy Spirit (not just the religious)
    3. to not shun the natural minded, but to patiently work alongside them planting seed
    4. to be just as mindful of the phase of counsel that you are attempting to give

    There is a way to begin examining and measuring the phase of the counsel that you are receiving and giving having to do with the compound elements soon to be discussed in the ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith section of this series. We have already begun to mention the basic concepts behind them in the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithEssentials introduction. You can toy with it for the time being, but remember that there will be a whole lot more bible context that we will have to add to them before coming to any firm application.

      Ask your self this:
    1. the counsel that you are prepared to receive and act upon, from what source is it?
    2. the counsel that you are prepared to give that others might act upon, from what source is it?

    As measured by these compound applications:

    Form/Operation/Resource: Self Generated Source? Spiritually Regenerated Source?

    Note: Please take the time to examine all of the scriptural and doctrinal context provided here at some point. You may want to go straight through the series in order to familiarize yourself with the general flow, but please come back to these many scriptural references to get to the meat of these important matters.

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