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The Present Truth

kjv@2Peter:1:12 @ Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth.

The question as we are now addressing it is: Why would one begin using this new "like precious" tool set anyway? taking the time to get to know it and productively practice it? What justification could there be for it's daily and exclusive use? The answer takes us first into the consideration of what "present truth" we currently are "established" in.

Contextual Anchors

1. Stērizō - Establish

Quoted resource: strongs 'G4741'

G4741 @ στηρίζω stērizō stay-rid'-zo From a presumed derivative of G2476 (like G4731); to set fast that is (literally) to turn resolutely in a certain direction or (figuratively) to confirm: - fix (e-) stablish stedfastly set strengthen.

2. Pareimi -Present

Quoted resource: strongs 'G3918'

G3918 @ πάρειμι pareimi par'-i-mee From G3844 and G1510 (including its various forms); to be near that is at hand; neuter present participle (singular) time being or (plural) property: - come X have be here + lack (be here) present.

3. Alētheia - Truth

Quoted resource: strongs 'G225'

G225 @ ἀλήθεια alētheia al-ay'-thi-a From G227; truth: - true X truly truth verity.

Practical Aspects:

There may be a couple ways of thinking through this concept of "present truth".

There is the present truth as we presently know it; as we've perhaps (or a dear one has) made it. This is the truth of everything that we believed and done up to now, the answers that we have put forward and the results and consequences of those answers. For all that it has built up and become, our present truth has been pretty well established by that. In fact, we may have gotten so cozy with that it would be quite uncomfortable to look at or think of or do anything other than this or in any other way. We can look at our present situation whatever it is and logical say that this and everything that we've put into it is our "present truth". What this present truth is for those that are going through it may appear a whole lot different from the present truth as seen by those outside of it looking in, just as their present truth may appear to us.

There is also, so you know, a present truth closer to the form meant by Peter. It is a truth of all that God has given and done to get His faithful child beyond whatever this present situation/lesson may be and into His abundantly fruitful present truth leading up to His eternal truth/glorious presence. Peter might of well asked if God has provided and done all of this to our great benefit and we are mostly aware of these many tremendous things God has accomplished, why then are we still going about our present situation addressing it by our own feeble form of present truth?

The truth is that we are established in the sense that we know it as general spiritual concept, but not established in the sense of having actually put it forward into daily practical use. And if we do put it to use it is typically only long enough to get us through the most immediate present situation and not continue on with it as a platform of spiritual success towards the the immediate next. This problem had historically plagued Old Testament Israel just as it has plagued New Testament Church; it's ranks are filled mostly with practically unestablished waves of crises riders.

Think of the present truth of the drug addict. Think of how different that is from the present truth declared by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now think in terms of a Christian drug addict (yes there is such a thing - many). Is it that the person does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? No, we have to take her/him at their word. What is it then? It is that the influence of Jesus Christ has yet to be put forward and established into their present situation (addiction).

Think of the Christian couple coming to the point of divorce. Is it that they do not believe in Jesus Christ? Is it that they haven't tried to use selected bible verses to reignite the old embers of their passion? You know they have. Is that what is required of them to pass this test? to rekindle old embers? is that not the rehashed answers of their own present truth? So what is it that is still missing? It is that the influence of Jesus Christ has yet to be put forward and established into their present situation (life as one in Christ married). His influence may be being applied now that it is all crumbled down around then, but His steady continuing influence hadn't been applied and firmly established before this crises (not at a rate exceeding the establishment of everything negative being corrupted by the world into their marriage). Whatever use that they have made of those few scriptures has been short sighted to the much broader influence their Lord has sought to have in their lives and union.

Then the question becomes: so why didn't Peter dedicate himself to all these many established ills that entangle the Christian walk individually? Why isn't there an Epistle of Peter to the Christian Marriage as part of a vast collection of Epistles to everything thing else? That is because all of these many things stem from the lack of one thing and they are all answered by the reintroduction of that one thing, that one thing worked at continuously across the board in all daily matters in order to become firmly established. That one thing most definitely (and scripture resoundingly supports this) is the overwhelming influence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How does one come to experience more and more of this impactful influence? Well...read this chapter again if you don't know; it is what kjv@2Peter:1 and many other bible chapters have been talking about all along.

So now we think in terms of justification. Why step forward with the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith and ApplicationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith principals into our continuous daily life present crises or not? Perhaps the question should be better put: why would a annointed man like Peter chose to devote the remainder of his life here on earth putting generations of us Christ believers into remembrance of these very things? couldn't of his short and precious time have been better spent? Apparently not if we can't seem to keep them in established practice or keep from entangling our better witness in all of extra worldly complicated this.

Perhaps our FolpfApp1 resource is a adequate and organized place to start this "present state" inquiry. Perhaps you can think of or design another.

I ask all readers to consider not only where they are at personally in regards to this "present truth" but also the supportive Church as a whole, where are we at. Therein is our first answer as to why any of us should be re-familiarizing ourselves to this tool set (or call it mind set whichever) on an immediate and daily basis.

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