Strongs: G1107

G1107 @ γνωρίζω gnōrizō gno-rid'-zo From a derivative of G1097 to make known; subjectively to know: - certify declare make known give to understand do to wit wot.
Luke:2:15 John:15:15 John:17:26 Acts:2:28 Romans:9:22 Romans:9:23 Romans:16:26 1Corinthians:12:3 1Corinthians:15:1 2Corinthians:8:1 Galatians:1:11 Ephesians:1:9 Ephesians:3:3 Ephesians:3:5 Ephesians:3:10 Ephesians:6:19 Ephesians:6:21 Philippians:1:22 Philippians:4:6 Colossians:1:27 Colossians:4:7 Colossians:4:9 2Peter:1:16

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