Strongs: G1658

G1658 @ ἐλεύθερος eleutheros el-yoo'-ther-os Probably from the alternate of G2064 unrestrained (to go at pleasure) that is (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted) or (generally) exempt (from obligation or liability): - free (man woman) at liberty.
Matthew:17:26 John:8:33 John:8:36 Romans:6:20 Romans:7:3 1Corinthians:7:21 1Corinthians:7:22 1Corinthians:7:39 1Corinthians:9:1 1Corinthians:9:19 1Corinthians:12:13 Galatians:3:28 Galatians:4:22 Galatians:4:23 Galatians:4:26 Galatians:4:30 Galatians:4:31 Ephesians:6:8 Colossians:3:11 1Peter:2:16 Revelation:6:15 Revelation:13:16 Revelation:19:18

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