Strongs: G2038

G2038 @ ἐργάζομαι ergazomai er-gad'-zom-ahee Middle voice from G2041 to toil (as a task occupation etc.) (by implication) effect be engaged in or with etc.: - commit do labor for minister about trade (by) work.
Matthew:7:23 Matthew:21:28 Matthew:25:16 Matthew:26:10 Mark:14:6 Luke:13:14 John:3:21 John:5:17 John:6:27 John:6:28 John:6:30 John:9:4 Acts:10:35 Acts:13:41 Acts:18:3 Romans:2:10 Romans:4:4 Romans:4:5 Romans:13:10 1Corinthians:4:12 1Corinthians:9:6 1Corinthians:9:13 1Corinthians:16:10 Galatians:6:10 Ephesians:4:28 Colossians:3:23 1Thessalonians:2:9 1Thessalonians:4:11 2Thessalonians:3:8 2Thessalonians:3:10 2Thessalonians:3:11 2Thessalonians:3:12 Hebrews:11:33 James:2:9 2John:1:8 3John:1:5 Revelation:18:17

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