Strongs: G2264

G2264 @ Ἡρώδης Hērōdēs hay-ro'-dace Compound of ἥρως hērōs (a hero) and G1491 heroic; Herodes the name of four Jewish kings: - Herod.
Matthew:2:1 Matthew:2:3 Matthew:2:7 Matthew:2:12 Matthew:2:13 Matthew:2:15 Matthew:2:16 Matthew:2:19 Matthew:2:22 Matthew:14:1 Matthew:14:3 Matthew:14:6 Mark:6:14 Mark:6:16 Mark:6:17 Mark:6:18 Mark:6:20 Mark:6:21 Mark:6:22 Mark:8:15 Luke:1:5 Luke:3:1 Luke:3:19 Luke:8:3 Luke:9:7 Luke:9:9 Luke:13:31 Luke:23:7 Luke:23:8 Luke:23:11 Luke:23:12 Luke:23:15 Acts:4:27 Acts:12:1 Acts:12:6 Acts:12:11 Acts:12:19 Acts:12:20 Acts:12:21 Acts:13:1 Acts:23:35

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