Strongs: G2296

G2296 @ θαυμάζω thaumazō thou-mad'-zo From G2295 to wonder; by implication to admire: - admire have in admiration marvel wonder.
Matthew:8:10 Matthew:8:27 Matthew:9:8 Matthew:9:33 Matthew:15:31 Matthew:21:20 Matthew:22:22 Matthew:27:14 Mark:5:20 Mark:6:6 Mark:6:51 Mark:12:17 Mark:15:5 Mark:15:44 Luke:1:21 Luke:1:63 Luke:2:18 Luke:2:33 Luke:4:22 Luke:7:9 Luke:8:25 Luke:9:43 Luke:11:14 Luke:11:38 Luke:20:26 Luke:24:12 Luke:24:41 John:3:7 John:4:27 John:5:20 John:5:28 John:7:15 John:7:21 Acts:2:7 Acts:3:12 Acts:4:13 Acts:7:31 Acts:13:41 Galatians:1:6 2Thessalonians:1:10 1John:3:13 Jude:1:16 Revelation:13:3 Revelation:17:6 Revelation:17:7 Revelation:17:8

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