Strongs: G2556

G2556 @ κακός kakos kak-os' Apparently a primary word; worthless (intrinsically such; whereas G4190 properly refers to effects) that is (subjectively) depraved or (objectively) injurious: - bad evil harm ill noisome wicked.
Matthew:21:41 Matthew:24:48 Matthew:27:23 Mark:7:21 Mark:15:14 Luke:16:25 Luke:23:22 John:18:23 Acts:9:13 Acts:16:28 Acts:23:9 Acts:28:5 Romans:1:30 Romans:2:9 Romans:3:8 Romans:7:19 Romans:7:21 Romans:9:11 Romans:12:17 Romans:12:21 Romans:13:3 Romans:13:4 Romans:13:10 Romans:14:20 Romans:16:19 1Corinthians:10:6 1Corinthians:13:5 1Corinthians:15:33 2Corinthians:5:10 2Corinthians:13:7 Philippians:3:2 Colossians:3:5 1Thessalonians:5:15 1Timothy:6:10 2Timothy:4:14 Titus:1:12 Hebrews:5:14 James:1:13 James:3:8 1Peter:3:9 1Peter:3:10 1Peter:3:11 1Peter:3:12 3John:1:11 Revelation:2:2 Revelation:16:2

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