Strongs: G3137

G3137 @ Μαρία Μαριάμ Maria Mariam mar-ee'-ah mar-ee-am' Of Hebrew origin [H4813]; Maria or Mariam (that is Mirjam) the name of six Christian females: - Mary.
Matthew:1:16 Matthew:1:18 Matthew:1:20 Matthew:2:11 Matthew:13:55 Matthew:27:56 Matthew:27:61 Matthew:28:1 Mark:6:3 Mark:15:40 Mark:15:47 Mark:16:1 Mark:16:9 Luke:1:27 Luke:1:30 Luke:1:34 Luke:1:38 Luke:1:39 Luke:1:41 Luke:1:46 Luke:1:56 Luke:2:5 Luke:2:16 Luke:2:19 Luke:2:34 Luke:8:2 Luke:10:39 Luke:10:42 Luke:24:10 John:11:1 John:11:2 John:11:19 John:11:20 John:11:28 John:11:31 John:11:32 John:11:45 John:12:3 John:19:25 John:20:1 John:20:11 John:20:16 John:20:18 Acts:1:14 Acts:12:12 Romans:16:6

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