Strongs: G4412

G4412 @ πρῶτον prōton pro'-ton Neuter of G4413 as an adverb (with or without G3588); firstly (in time place order or importance): - before at the beginning chiefly (at at the) first (of all).
Matthew:5:24 Matthew:6:33 Matthew:7:5 Matthew:8:21 Matthew:12:29 Matthew:13:30 Matthew:17:10 Matthew:17:11 Matthew:17:27 Matthew:23:26 Mark:3:27 Mark:4:28 Mark:7:27 Mark:9:11 Mark:9:12 Mark:13:10 Mark:16:9 Luke:6:42 Luke:9:59 Luke:9:61 Luke:10:5 Luke:11:38 Luke:12:1 Luke:14:28 Luke:14:31 Luke:17:25 Luke:21:9 John:2:10 John:10:40 John:12:16 John:15:18 John:18:13 John:19:39 Acts:3:26 Acts:7:12 Acts:11:26 Acts:13:46 Acts:15:14 Acts:26:20 Romans:1:8 Romans:1:16 Romans:2:9 Romans:2:10 Romans:3:2 Romans:15:24 1Corinthians:11:18 1Corinthians:12:28 1Corinthians:15:46 2Corinthians:8:5 Ephesians:4:9 1Thessalonians:4:16 2Thessalonians:2:3 1Timothy:2:1 1Timothy:3:10 1Timothy:5:4 2Timothy:1:5 Hebrews:7:2 James:3:17 1Peter:4:17 2Peter:1:20 2Peter:3:3

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